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To vote in the 2020 election you need to be on the Electoral Roll. Even if you have previously registered, you must re-register by 30 April 2020.

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The way we choose our Deputies is changing

Our 2020 General Election will be significantly different from previous years. The Island will be one electoral district and electors will vote on an Island-wide basis. This means there will be a greater choice of candidates, but also some changes in how voting takes place.

38 Deputies. 38 good reasons to vote.

Registered voters will be able to vote by post

You can opt for a postal vote even if you are not going to be away from the Island on polling day. Choosing a postal vote will give you plenty of time to fill in your ballot paper at home rather than in a polling booth. The ballot paper can then be posted back or, if you have missed the postal vote deadline, you can take your postal ballot to your parish polling station or to the super-polling station on any polling day.


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Key Dates

Electoral Roll registration opens

2 December 2019

Electoral Roll registration closes

30 April 2020

How to Register

Candidate Nominations nominations open

12 May 2020

Candidate Nominations nominations close

15 May 2020

Stand for Election

Advance Voting super-polling station

13-14 June 2020

Parish & Super-polling stations open

16-17 June 2020

How to Vote