Adrian Gabriel

Adrian Gabriel
  • Parish St Peter Port
  • Experience New Candidate
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Personal Statement

I’ve lived and worked in Guernsey all my life, born into a local Gabriel line with strong roots going back many generations. I believe in Guernsey and want to be an active part in shaping its future. I want to expand on the commitment I’ve already made to my parish as a Douzenier to now be your island deputy. There are many challenges ahead. Government needs strong, calm, level-headed individuals.

  • We have to cut back on bureaucracy. Let’s encourage a can-do attitude.
  • I support a three or four school model and retention of a grammar school.
  • I do not support a direct GST.
  • We must spend wisely; I do not support disjointed development.
  • Our runway does not need further extension.
  • I do not support States operated paid parking.


I was elected to St Peter Port Douzenier in 2016 and this has given me exposure to the Billets and workings of the States, and I have contributed to helping the parish thrive and shine like the gem it is.


I was educated in our fantastic schools and was an active member of the Scout Association, earning the Queen’s Scout Award when I was 19 years old. I want to use my own experience to help nurture and develop our young islanders through engaging, purposeful, all-inclusive education, youth associations and sports clubs.

I support a three or four school model and a dedicated further education centre to include the healthcare institute. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow – we should be doing everything we can to grow this talent.


I believe there must be a balanced fit-for-purpose flexible housing and licensing policy.

This goes hand in hand with a housing strategy that allows local residents access to affordable housing and a skilled workforce to make informed decisions about relocation; a five-year licence is much too short to encourage families to relocate.

Too many large housing developments are being created without vision and forethought as to the wider impact on our infrastructure such as schools, healthcare and amenities. These developments don’t all have to be in the North of the island.

We have to cut back on bureaucracy. I have had experience of working in the Civil Service and a smarter, leaner service is needed. We’ve seen that decisions can be made swiftly and accurately; we need to build on this positivity but balanced with an informed debate.


We must spend wisely. I do not support vanity projects or piecemeal development. For example, the Seafront Enhancement Area (SEA) programme should promote controlled development and enrichment of our infrastructure as a whole.

I have seen the benefits that hard working individuals can contribute to our island. My grandfather Ben and father Brian both traded from Fountain Street for 50 years. Start-up businesses need to be encouraged in every way; whether they are operating on our high street, or in rural or virtual environments.

Let’s encourage our own talented working community to build on their skills with States sponsored vocational training.

I do not support a direct Goods and Service Tax (GST), especially on food, children’s clothing or books.


Whilst our own airline Aurigny is valuable, and protects our lifeline slots within the international hub in London, it is exceptionally expensive. Other alternatives should be investigated at a lower cost to the taxpayer; States Trading and Supervisory Board (STSB) needs stronger involvement with Aurigny. I have experience in this industry as some of my career has been in air cargo and passenger aviation.

I believe our runway does not need any further extension or capital outlay in the near future. There are plenty of short haul carriers that can make use of our infrastructure as it is.

We purchase electricity offshore which I support. Let’s also look at alternative energy sources such as solar power and the ten-metre tidal range right on our doorstep. This may help the ever-developing electric vehicle market too.

We need to invest in our harbours. It would be catastrophic to our island nation if any part of this ageing structure was to fail. Any investment needs to be completed as a whole project of the eastern seaboard and not directly negatively impact any one sector such as fishing or pleasure boating.

Most of my career I’ve been involved in local road haulage, distribution and network creation. We need a transport policy that works for Guernsey. Our current network of roads cannot take the volume of traffic at times. Our huge buses are full at peak times but we could consider more cost-effective smaller buses to be able to offer more frequent optimised routes.

Electric shared-use bicycles, similar to those used in European capitals, would ease congestion whilst increasing health benefits.

I do not support States operated paid parking.


We need an integrated healthcare system. I support a reciprocal health care agreement with the National Health Service. General Practitioner fees need a review so that they are accessible to all.

Waiting times are too long for consultant services provided by the Medical Specialists Group. Every person in Guernsey is entitled to earlier access for life changing operations such as hip replacements.

I believe the investigation of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) should be prioritised as an alternative prescribed licenced medication, along with other complimentary medicines.

I do not have enough information to make an informed decision to support the legalisation of recreational cannabis use.

My promise:

If I am elected, I promise to be realistic with my aspirations and communications to you, the people I will represent and serve. Too many times your views are forgotten or only lip service paid. Government needs to really listen and gain trust in the electorate. I will always listen to you and endeavour to represent you to the best of my ability.

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