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Personal Statement

I’m Art Allen, Educated at Hautes Capelles Junior and thereafter St Sampson’s Secondary. Began work as Apprentice to fully qualified Commercial Artist. Changed direction 21 years ago, commencing employment locally at Specsavers. My job role was Legal Technician gaining ICSA Cert. qualifications. Married with two Children who live locally.

  • A Sense of Direction - Revisit taxation allowances and budget demands
  • Infrastructure - Step up investment and maintenance
  • Environment - Accelerate actions
  • Frontline Services – Fair pay
  • Education – Get it sorted


My objective, should I be elected, is to narrow the divide that is systematically squeezing the lives and finances of ordinary hard working individuals and families which if left to fester will take us to the point whereby only the privileged will be able to live and work in these beautiful Islands.

A Sense of Direction / after Lockdown

I’m proud of the good sensible decisions that were (and still are) being taken by our front-line authorities. It would be good if the newly appointed States would give the people within these Islands a clearer sense of direction with honest leadership that they can accept and buy into?

Facilities / travel / tourism

Most of the parents with children that I have spoken to, inform me that in their opinion we have an inadequate selection of facilities for rainy/bad weather days and their voices are being ignored. Other jurisdictions have Arcades etc,. and are constantly evolving the facilities on offer. Further debate on the length of the Guernsey Airport runway may have to wait some time. We must concentrate our efforts to attract visitors. Deputies must continue to communicate with the industry, (particularly hoteliers) and listen carefully to their concerns.

Let’s get talking

We must move forward in a “positive way” with fully thought out and costed proposals. Complete projects and get the economy buzzing, with infrastructure being high on the list. We must rip out much of the “red tape” associated with our antiquated and painfully slow processes as a top priority.

Introduce Zero Tolerances

The elected deputies must prove that they can and will listen to the public who may be directly and indirectly affected by all up and coming debates. Zero Tolerances must be introduced in relation to the most pressing issues. One example is animal cruelty and negligence which encompasses domestic and farm animals. Zero Tolerance punishments for the perpetrators is the only satisfactory way to protect animals. I am aware that everyone will debate what the most important issues are, but priorities must be filtered. We know this can be successfully achieved by our success in addressing the issues created by the Coronavirus epidemic.

System of Government

The current structure and systems within Government are currently not working effectively. Committee workload is massive and decision making is unacceptably problematic. Things need to change.

Infrastructure and Housing

We must step up investment in our infrastructure. Maintenance on many buildings falls short of what is acceptable (acknowledged by the last assembly) Many in the building industry locally voiced the fact that “red tape” and “cart before horse procedures” are outdated and unacceptable. A strategy to maintain and enhance must be adopted. Neglect has been the cause of poor-quality housing and unacceptably poor toilet facilities in many public areas. There remains a lack of suitable facilities and inadequate shelter for bus passengers in some areas. The list is endless, the bar must be raised.

Population / Brexit

Many have called for clarity in relation to population control and the control of immigration. Currently there is no “rush” of people wishing to settle in these Islands, nevertheless, Deputies must continue to monitor Brexit negotiations in the UK and the aftermath of the Coronavirus as the situation could change dramatically within a very small timeframe.

Environment / Climate Change

Lockdown exposed many important failings in our society when it comes to understanding and championing of green thinking. Thankfully there are many with above average knowledge and enthusiasm. Deputies must continue to define and accelerate actions that will achieve the required climate change and lower emissions in all areas.

Frontline Services

Every single one of the frontline services are crucial to these Islands and are proven to be effective. I have met with many “front line leaders” over the past year or so, these include Police, Fire, & Mental Health. These people are forward thinking, positive, passionate leaders. Deputies must eliminate the existing barriers of interconnection between our frontline services. It is essential that intercommunication becomes less bureaucratic and covers a broader spectrum, especially in relation to mental health, bullying, and physical and mental abuse.


I am opposed to the two-school model. We must all ensure that we treat those with opposing views on this with respect I would welcome an opportunity to sit on ES&C should I be elected.

Employment / Artificial Intelligence / Technology / Contingency

Unemployment in the Bailiwick has now become a concern, we must get everyone working. Social Media can incite bullying, grooming and temptation against the vulnerable in our society. We must consider the consequences of “Artificial Intelligence” many in the workplace have been, or will be, replaced by technology. Deputies must monitor whilst championing development in smart technology. A delicate balancing act.


The Scrutiny Committee has undertaken several high-profile reports but currently do not have the necessary clout to drive home findings in a more robust way. This situation must change urgently. I would welcome an opportunity to sit on The Scrutiny Committee should I be elected.

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