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Personal Statement

I am 56 years old, I’m married to Olwen who is a nurse, we have two children, Etienne 19 & Verity 16. I was first elected in 2004. For the last four years I have been President of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure. I consider it an absolute privilege to serve our community, I am an independent candidate seeking an island wide mandate to represent you and yours.

  • To remain focused on the threats and opportunities that arise from Brexit, & redouble our efforts in ensuring positive external relations.
  • To remain committed to delivering the aspirations of the Climate Change Mitigation Plan & actively promote The Plan for Nature.
  • To invest in the islands infrastructure, coastal and sea defences setting ambitious targets & utilising local labour


Each political term presents challenges that at times appear insurmountable, this term has been exceptional in that regard, the Covid-19 pandemic required a swift, coordinated response. Government had to act as one cohesive unit, it did! As a member of the Civil Contingencies Authority I have witnessed what we can achieve when a group remain disciplined on task and focussed. We are so lucky to live on Guernsey which has been a sanctuary, a safe haven at this time. The community, you, have collectively created the conditions to allow us all to enjoy freedoms that are denied to other jurisdictions at this time.


The committee for the Environment and Infrastructure has laid two significant policy keystones, The Energy Policy and the Climate Change Action Plan. These policies set a clear direction of travel & enable both the consumer and industry to plan ahead. Guernsey now imports 100% (non-nuclear) energy through the cable link, the GF1 (Guernsey France) cable project is the next step to ensure continuity of renewable energy supply.

The States have also endorsed the Biodiversity Strategy. That policy, in the guise of the Nature Strategy is already used by the Development & Planning Authority in their supplementary planning guidance. A simple illustration of how policy can be applied practically

Unlocking lockdown.

Any future assembly must try and capture the very clear benefits that were apparent during lockdown. Many individuals and families enjoyed walking and cycling through the green lanes. We need to invest in our road network and cycle path infrastructure to give islanders the choice to travel safely in the manner of their choosing.

Revive And Thrive.

Guernsey is not immune from the challenges facing all small island communities. This is absolutely the time to invest in our infrastructure and in particular our coastal defences. We need to keep our economy on the move by releasing the funds to undertake projects that are long overdue. Candidly, it is embarrassing that at times we appear to be unable to progress projects within any four-year term because of our own laborious internal processes.


The states assembly supported a pause and review of ESCs school development plans. We have to allow that process to run its course. It would be wrong to take a position that potentially undermines the integrity of that process. Broadly, progress has been stymied over the years by the states re-visiting previous decisions in relation to educational policy. The next assembly must remain disciplined focused and cohesive. Last minute changes in direction come at a considerable cost. We need to redouble our efforts in ensuring that every child really does matter. Every effort has to be made to make education as inclusive as it can be. We have to see meaningful integration between special schools and what we know as mainstream education. Simply put, we need to embrace, celebrate and tolerate those differences that make us the people we are.

The Economy.

Despite the turmoil around us, Guernsey’s economy has proven to be extremely resilient. There can be no room for complacency though and we need to remain alive to those opportunities that give us the potential for greater diversification. There is no contradiction in embracing what might be considered a green agenda for economic growth. Guernsey is a leader in green finance initiatives. The global revive and thrive agenda presents Guernsey with an opportunity to demonstrate that once again we can be a centre of excellence a safe haven.

Health & Social Care.

Over the past four years we have seen continued investment in our health and social care services, continuity at a committee level, and crucially consistent political support. The challenges remain great, the demands are constant and our community demographic will dictate the level of future investment. Some people have struggled during the lockdown period; whether an individual or someone shielding a friend or family member. Many people have felt isolated and vulnerable over the past few months. We need to view health in the round and have a mental health service that is responsive and ready to assist those who require our support.

This very short manifesto is simply an overview. To read more please go to, or email me at [email protected]

I very much hope you feel able to support me in being one of your island wide representatives.

Yours independently,

Barry Brehaut


“I’ve been impressed with how for the last four years Barry has quietly just got on with one of the toughest, most unpopular jobs in government – that of President of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure. I’ve also particularly valued Barry’s calm and consistent contribution this year to the decision making of the Civil Contingencies Authority in managing the Bailiwick’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

- Deputy Gavin St Pier

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