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Personal Statement

So who am I? I am 51 years of age, self employed and currently running my own business. Parents are local but I was born in Hull. Parents worked in the Army. I have lived in Guernsey since the age of 9 and was educated at St Sampsons Secondary School. I have worked all my life. For most of my working life, in fact 28 years I was at Warry’s Bakery, I’ve also worked for Aurigny airline and for our own States of Guernsey. I’m divorced with three children and six grand children.

  • Three school model I am in favour of
  • No to increase in personal taxes
  • Tax on fuel to be scrapped and go back to motor tax
  • Salarie Corner to be looked at properly as dangerous
  • A look into new companies to service the harbour and airport


On the Economy

I believe we need to effectively balance spending and our taxation. The way we look at new or alternative ways to generate revenue needs addressing; there is a significant amount of money leaving Guernsey.

Revive and thrive

Town needs a boost! I feel there should be more help for small businesses to encourage the Guernsey people to start up new businesses in Town. The Bridge requires a face lift also, as it’s starting to look like a second hand village rather than a second shopping place for Guernsey.

Guernsey roads and cycle paths

A few weeks ago it was said that the cycle path along the front was too dangerous and at certain areas too narrow. Having looked into it personally I can see improvements need to be made. I feel if the cycle path was removed off the actual pavement and the pavement was made slimmer this would allow the cycle path to be on the actual road,but lined off as in other places in the world. This would save cyclists having to go up and down pavements, it would be far safer and more efficient.

What would I bring to the States?

I would be the one listening to the public as you are the people who matter.

Guernsey needs changes and very soon.

I would like to see all deputies working together much more, as they have done during Covid times.

The list below is what over the next few years I’d like to get through the States of Guernsey.

On Education

A fresh new look at the three and two models, I do like the three school model, but unsure of what format to have as yet. I’d be interested to know if the public want the Grammer School to remain as it is?

Recycling and waste in Guernsey

Waste, even though we have a contract with Sweden to remove our waste, I feel there is a lot more work to do on recycling. It would be great to see the Island exceed in a high recycling rate.

Harbour and airports

It has been many years since any work has been completed on the harbour and I feel it is long overdue. I’d like to see works done but with retracting deep water berth, this would be a good use for our own ships that Guernsey own and also visiting yachts for refueling and many other uses. The airport requires work internally but is a runway extension truly necessary for the long term benefits of our islands?

On health

Doctors charges do need to change. A fresh new look into the doctors and dentists is required, as I personally feel they are both far too high for our island.

Guernsey 2030 Emissions

In order to not sell any petrol or diesel cars by 2025 or even 2030, there is a lot of infrastructure work that needs addressing, such as ‘on street parking plus charging points’. How are the residents of Guernsey going to charge their electric cars and at what cost? I think currently the cost is GBP 15,000.00 pounds per unit, therefore how much is it going to cost Guernsey to roll this out?

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