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Personal Statement

I am standing for the States of Guernsey, working with a group of individuals who are like minded candidates for the good of Guernsey. Recently my experience as Chairman of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry has honed my belief that Guernsey needs a different political and strategic approach, which is why I have decided to stand as a Deputy. Together we can GET GUERNSEY GOING.

 WE NEED to cut out unnecessary bureaucracy, and heavy-handed regulation.

 WE NEED to control our expenditure, diversify our economy, and reboot our travel links.

 WE NEED to take advantage of the natural resources we are blessed with, and aim for self-sufficiency in terms of energy.

 WE NEED to work with our neighbours, set standards that are an example, and lead not follow.


I arrived in Guernsey in June 1978 with my wife Lynn as a newly qualified Chartered Accountant to join an accountancy firm that has since developed into the Guernsey Branch of Deloittes.

We came from Manchester where I was born on 7th March 1953.

Our children were born and brought up in Guernsey, Jo who lives in Guernsey with her husband and son and Steve who lives in London with his girlfriend/partner. Spending as much time with our family is our main priority.

I enjoy watching all sport, especially football and cricket, wherever possible live. Reading and listening to music, (again live if possible), going to the theatre and travel.

I was educated at Manchester Grammar School (MGS).

I was fortunate to have parents who although they could not afford to pay for my time at MGS, they were prepared to apply to the ‘Direct Grant’ system that was designed to assist people in our situation at the time. Through political manoeuvrings this excellent system has now disappeared. Thankfully, MGS, now an independent school, still runs a bursary system, supported by donations, to enable academically able boys from working class backgrounds to gain entry. Something that Guernsey should take note of.

After leaving MGS I took up articles of association with a medium sized firm of Chartered Accountants in the centre of Manchester. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1977 shortly before moving to Guernsey.

In Guernsey I have worked in accountancy practice, in insurance and captive insurance management, and the trust and corporate world.

I am proud to have helped in forming a group of insurance companies, which included Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands.

I semi-retired in September 2017 and have worked as a consultant since then.

The circumstances relating to one group of client companies has led to me to take up a temporary full-time position with them which is due to finish within the next few months.

During my time in Guernsey I have served as President of the Young Businessmen’s Group and on the committees of the Chamber of Commerce, the Guernsey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants, the Insurance Institute of Guernsey and the Guernsey Insurance Captive Manager’s Association.

I am currently a Director of Guernsey Rangers FAC LBG and the Chairman of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry (CGI).

My 3 years’ experience with the CGI has honed my belief that Guernsey needs a different political and strategic approach, which is why I have decided to stand as a Deputy.

My main concerns fall under the banners of Environment, Education, Economy and Efficiency.

I believe that Guernsey should capitalise on its natural assets of wave, wind, and solar power.

Even more emphasis should be focused on recycling,

Guernsey should forge a strategy that will eventually lead to self-sufficiency and set an example to the rest of the World.

I have pinned my flag to the education system that has three secondary schools and the Colleges in a flexible and diverse programme that enhances the whole environment. This will include a sixth form college and an enhanced College of Further Education.

We rely heavily on the finance industry, for the standard of living we enjoy, and will do so for the foreseeable future. We do, however, need to continue to support and encourage diversity in our economy. We need to send the message that Guernsey is open for business. Encouraging developments in new technologies, providing a top class digital/connectivity infrastructure, and enabling an efficient method of recruiting the right personnel needed to take Guernsey forwards.

I have avoided being too specific, however, the Population Management Legislation should be abandoned and replaced with a work permit based system, led by market forces.

We also need to ensure we take advantage of our existing human resources. By enabling practical legislation, to benefit all in Guernsey. If we encourage diversity, equal opportunities, and eliminate discrimination of all forms we can develop a more inclusive and more productive working environment.

Finally, and possibly most importantly we need to control our own costs and drastically reduce and refine the unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation we in business have had to fight against just to stay in existence. We need firm and effective leadership and the ability to make key decisions and take action to improve our infrastructure and connections to the outside World.

Guernsey needs to attract the best and be the best.

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