David (Syd) Bowsher

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Personal Statement

I have spent 16 years in Canada, 23 in the UK, serving in the RAF for 20 of those, and 22 years living in Guernsey working as an airline pilot for 21 years. A small medical condition means that I can no longer fly so I am able to be virtually full time in the role of Deputy representing the people of Guernsey.

  • Fair Society
  • Transparent government
  • States spending, which is our money, to be well considered
  • Avoid isolating Guernsey from the wider world
  • Guernsey should seek out new economic opportunities


Island Life: Many idiosyncratic things make Guernsey unique and attractive. I like the preservation and protection of many aspects of Guernsey but it has always changed and adapted especially the dominant sector of our economic life; privateering, marmalade, growing, now finance. We must think ahead and provide a desirable framework for future change.

Economy: The economy of Guernsey has been deeply affected by the measures to minimise the effect of the pandemic. Well thought out and sensitive rebuilding needs to needs take place but without strangling economic activity and individuals finances.

Transport: Transport including surface and freight is at the very heart of our viability. It is a primary economic enabler. We need efficient low cost transportation. In my view we need all year round services which might necessitate Service Level Agreements in exchange for managed access to our island. I also think we should look at routes like weekly flights to places like Madeira, Latvia, Holland and the Isle of Man.

Health: I believe people are satisfied with the provision of health services. I prefer Guernsey to the UK for my needs. A reciprocal health agreement with the UK needs to be negotiated.

Social Care: All western societies are facing issues of how to pay for pensions and elderly care. These costs are an “elephant in the room”. Many people find they need to leave the island in their later years. It is sad that they leave their home island in their later years.

Education: Guernsey has a good system of education. My children were beneficiaries. I am not a supporter of big schools. They are too generic and impersonal and cause traffic problems.

Energy: Our Bailiwick has not yet exploited its capacity to generate renewable energy as quickly as it could. Our energy costs are surprisingly high.

General Sir Isaac Brock “saved Canada for the empire” and I can make my contribution in return to Guernsey.

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