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  • Experience Past Deputy
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Personal Statement

I came to Guernsey in the mid nineties to work in a hotel for a summer holiday and fell in love with the island. I’ve since worked in the finance industry and latterly in IT project management. I’m grateful for the wealth of opportunities available in Guernsey for giving me the career I’ve enjoyed, and as such, would like to repay that debt by serving as a people’s deputy. During my last term, I worked collaboratively across the house with those of all political persuasions. I believe I was successful in making positive changes in a number of areas, from equalities issues and carer respite services to tax reform and environmental issues. None of this would be possible without maintaining good relationships with other deputies. In the intervening four years, I’ve seen political discourse become acrimonious both inside the States and out. A narrow mindset that seeks to define people according to preconceived views has stifled debate. Calling someone by the wrong pronoun is called an act of aggression, using old fashioned language is seen as dehumanising and heaven help you if you’ve made a mistake many years ago as the offence archaeologists will be there with pitch forks ready to attack. I believe in rehabilitation, that no one should be consigned to the scrap heap. We all have an innate value that is greater than an individual error and we should all work to see us in the round. The best way to get along is through robust, but polite debate, not by seeking to shut people out of the conversation.

  • I believe in swift introduction of equalities legislation in consultation with businesses.
  • I believe we need to review the long term care arrangements for those in need and their carers, whilst addressing the current intergenerational unfairness.
  • I believe in restorative justice and rehabilitation of offenders, so that we value every islander.
  • I will work diligently to deliver on these priorities if elected to the States.


I have a number of passions, but this manifesto will require me to be brief, a fuller version of my manifesto is available online should you want to know more.


We now have a timetable and outline of long overdue legislation to afford people legal protection against discrimination. This will need to be advanced swiftly and carefully. Protection is needed, but the implementation must be respectful of our local businesses so as not to stymie their growth. I’d like to see a balanced approach and assistance to businesses to implement this agenda with speed and care.

Aging Well

We’re all living longer, and for this we are grateful. The challenge this presents is ensuring quality of care for those who need it and those who care for them. The States Long Term Care Fund is not viable and is projected to run out of money by 2040. We need to reimagine this fund, who can access it and how we fund it. To simply increase contributions isn’t an option, as this places an even greater burden on the young, many of whom currently struggle to get on the housing ladder. I would like to conduct a review of this fund that addresses the intergenerational unfairness. I also believe this review could consider support for carers, without whose unpaid work, the States’ finances would be in a dire situation.


Following the lockdown financial measures, we need to repay this money and once again start the work of building our reserves. I’ve always been vehemently opposed to GST or any other sales tax, but the financial situation is such that it would have to be one of several options under consideration. If additional taxes are to be levied, I believe these should have a sunset clause on them, repaying the cost of coronavirus, but not being used to grow government expenditure by the back door.


The role of government in the economy is to create an environment for businesses to thrive. The main enabler, in my view, is building our digital connectivity. I became a director of a mobile company here because of my firm belief in the advantages 5G would bring. We should embrace this technology and not stymie growth with over-burdensome regulation.

Domestic abuse

I was asked to become a director of Safer by Maggie Costen having worked on the issue while I was a deputy. The recent upturn in reported incidents during lockdown has highlighted the prevalence of this social ill in our society. It is a complex problem that needs a nuanced and holistic approach to create change. Most of the States funding is focused on providing support services to safeguard victims, but to effect change we must also appropriately fund change programmes for perpetrators, and to provide prevention and early intervention work to change social attitudes.


We must not forget that deputies are responsible for legislation. Legislation is rarely challenged or amended in the States. We need deputies who have the skills to scrutinise what will be their longest standing legacy. I successfully amended legislation during my last term and spent four years on the Legislation Select Committee, and feel comfortable with this often overlooked role.

  • Deputy from 2012-2016
  • Director of Safer LBG
  • Director of Clear Mobitel (Guernsey) Limited
  • Current Churchwarden of St Stephen’s Church and former Churchwarden of Town Church

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