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Having worked with young people for nine years as a secondary teacher in Guernsey, I am sensitive to the challenges that our young people and families face in our community, on a personal and professional level. We are living through a period of unprecedented fast-paced change: 2020 forced us to redefine the new normal and adapt fast. This has given me the conviction that Guernsey can thrive even in a period of constraints.

  • I am keen to promote policies that will address the issue of climate change and achieving a sustainable future
  • I want to build on the previous education reforms to make sure it suits our island’s needs for all, putting children and their learning at the centre of the new policies
  • It is important to modernise public engagement tools for a more direct and transparent local democracy


I believe that no one is born with a pre-determined set of abilities and that all islanders are entitled to life-long learning, equity, feeling safe, being fairly represented in government and able to thrive in their personal lives on a professional and personal level; regardless of their age, socioeconomic, racial background or sexual orientation and gender.

My view is also that our world is made of finite resources, and the need for sustainability and promotion of renewable energies is now essential. In this sense, all Islanders have a right to benefit from common resources but have a duty to support their community to face the challenges of tomorrow, thinking of the next generations. These challenges may have local or international implications, such as Brexit. I believe in increasing cooperation between government, businesses and individuals as we can achieve more together than individually, as shown during lockdown.

Innovation and problem solving which take into account past experiences have great potential in a small community such as Guernsey. The digital age has changed our world in the last decades. I believe that technology has the potential in Guernsey to bring a modernised model of participative democracy and raise the engagement of young citizens. Many in our community need to be provided with opportunities to upskill, as some feel alienated by the current pace of change. People who have lost their jobs, business owners, people in need of a new career and school leavers should be entitled to upskill at any point in time so Guernsey keeps a constant competitive edge in the global market. Education should not stop when school ends or even when one retires. Guernsey needs to upskill through embedding community-based initiatives from using volunteering schemes, competitive educational provision and enhance corporate support to produce and retain highly skilled individuals.

I believe it is time that we have a governing body that embraces innovative thinking and place sustainability at the centre of the next political agenda.

Finding a sense of purpose in the communities I lived in has always been one of my priorities. As a teacher, I have learnt how to share my passion for lifelong learning with my students as well as the importance of working with parents and other stakeholders to provide solutions for the unique problems individuals face.

From this experience, I want our democratic processes modernised to enable more direct consultation with voters, placing the needs of our community at the centre of my actions. The island deserves effective high-quality services. We should use local expertise and evidence-based approaches that have a proven track record of success so we can continue to foster a tight-knit community that puts well being, sustainable economy and respect for its environmental heritage at the centre of its core values.

I also believe that we should continue to bring our legislation up to date to reflect other social changes of the 21st century. For instance, I would welcome further debate on employment equity and the relaxations of laws concerning cannabis use in the near future.

As a teacher and an education researcher in Guernsey, I understand the crucial importance of high-quality education and consider our unique island setup. We must not sacrifice the quality of our education provision for the next generations. We must consider the magnitude of the proposed changes and I support exploring other models that may suit our island community.

I grew up in a small community, and my father was a small business owner. After finishing high school and pursuing an interest in mechanical engineering, I went to live in New Zealand for a year. I studied in three western European countries through the Erasmus Programme specialising in Education, Linguistics, Teaching and Learning. After graduating and having completed my teacher training in Cumbria, I accepted a job offer to teach French and Spanish in Guernsey where I have been a resident for nine years. In recent years, I have specialised in academic research in Education, joined the Bailiwick Curriculum Design Team in 2017, and became a middle leader. I have always shared my passion for lifelong learning with my students. I am a keen sailing enthusiast, love the sea, the Guernsey lifestyle, and its unique cultural and linguistic Norman legacy.

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