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Personal Statement

I am a progressive, passionate whilst pragmatic West Coast’er, educated at Capelles and the Grammar. After graduating with a degree in Sport, I had a 20yr career in Sports Development, supporting grassroots to Olympic levels. After returning to the Island, I have worked for the Scrutiny / Public Account Committee for the last 7yrs. An Old Quarter of Town resident, a father, grandfather and the widower of (the late) Selena.

  • Proud - to be standing in this Election as a ‘true’ independent
  • Progressive - a vision for a liberal democratic society with social justice at its heart
  • Partnership - a strong belief in a well-respected public and 3rd sector
  • Prudence - a unique understanding of the public purse
  • Positions - a desire to serve on Home Affairs and Overseas Aid


I have focused below on my key areas where I will pledge to push for change. My full manifesto including my passionate views on the Environment, Education, and Health & Social Care can be seen at

Fiscal Policy: Having spent the last 7yrs scrutinising the public accounts, I have a rare insight into their status. The public purse is just that – public – and the States are no more than Guardians whilst in their term of office. It is my view that the public have an absolute right to be given a transparent presentation of the accounts – one that can be clearly understood by all. For far too long, the position of the States’ finances has been ‘talked down’ when they actually have been, and remain, in an extremely healthy position. As such, I pledge to use my unique awareness of the States’ finances to make the ‘true’ position clear to you, to ensure value-for-money is prioritised and that all those responsible are held to account. But do not mistake prudence for austerity – I vehemently believe in investing into our economy, environment, infrastructure and, most importantly, into our society.

Economic Policy: The Island has prospered over recent decades in many areas of the economy with the financial sector leading the way. The Island must maintain its competitive status to ensure that its economy continues to thrive. However, we should continue to look to new emerging areas to provide a higher degree of diversification to the economy as a whole. Whilst I will support, where appropriate, a full spectrum of opportunities, I pledge to encourage investment into the green / blue environmental economies.

The economy is clearly central to the ‘Revive & Thrive’ agenda however I will fight to ensure that all members of our community benefit from Future Guernsey with no one left behind.

Social Justice: I have a vision for a society that is liberal, fair and just where everyone is fully accepted and protected. As such I pledge to continue the work my late wife started and will ensure that social policies / laws are progressed on all areas of Equality and Human Rights; not least Anti-Discrimination laws, Workers Rights, Disability & Inclusion Strategy, The Children’s Plan and to address In-Work Poverty. I will endeavour to be part of the Committee for Home Affairs thereby able to influence the Justice Strategy and the review of Population Management Law.

Public / 3rd Sector: I believe in a strong vibrant Public and 3rd sector, working in partnership with the Private Sector, so by continuing to provide the many vital services across the community not least to our most vulnerable members of society. Those in the Civil Service will know I have fought for their rights as a Union representative; the values and principles I still hold dear. As such, I pledge to speak up for the Public and 3rd Sectors and will strive to enable a return of the respect they so rightfully and richly deserve. I will also not forget those who put the wellbeing of others before their own during this current COVID crisis.

Overseas Aid: The Island undeniably benefits from the global economy. In return, I believe it is only right and fair for the Island to continue giving the modest support from the Overseas Aid Commission and further aim to meet the internationally agree target. Therefore, I will endeavour to contribute full-heartedly to the Commission and pledge to ensure our funds continue to reach the desired projects in support of the most vulnerable people on this planet.

Moral Compass: I consider myself extremely lucky to have been brought up in the caring society of Guernsey which has shaped my values. My moral compass has been further set by my father (Minister & Missionary), my Mother (Teacher) and my late wife (Social Worker). As such, I see myself as a principled, honourable and upstanding member of the community who will stand up for all of society.

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