John Adam Robilliard

  • Parish St Martin
  • Experience New Candidate
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Personal Statement

Aged 47, raised in Torteval and St Saviour, educated at Forest Primary and Elizabeth College. I have lived in the UK, St Peter Port and now St Martin with my wife and two children. I have worked in a variety of jobs, eventually entering financial services. Over the last three years I established my own small trust company. Qualifications: BSc Leisure Resource Management; MA Corporate Governance; CPE/GDL Law.

  • Staged repayments of the bond are needed to reduce the island’s debt.
  • Maintaining and develop the island’s infrastructure.
  • Good air and sea links are essential.
  • Carbon emissions and plastic usage must be reduced.
  • Three-school model, with a single sixth-form.


Reasons for standing

I am seriously concerned about the future of our beautiful islands and their role in the world and everything that our children and grandchildren are going to inherit.

I have become disappointed with the lack of progress and investment in the island over recent years. Rather than continue complaining I have decided to try to find some solutions to our problems. The 4 areas of primary concern to me are:

  1. The Economy
  2. The Environment & Climate Change
  3. Health and Social Care
  4. Education, Culture and Sport

I do not pretend to have all the answers but I will work for you, honestly and transparently and do my best for our island home.

The Economy

We can do nothing for the environment, health or education unless we can revive our economy.

I am opposed to extra taxation, particularly GST, which impacts the poorest hardest.

We need to develop our infrastructure and make use of the money we have borrowed. We need staged repayments of the £330 million bond, not to leave this to our children and grandchildren to repay.

Financial recovery from the impact of Coronavirus is going to present some of the most challenging decisions that your new government is going to face and Brexit will also affect us. I will work with the ‘revive and thrive’ strategy to reduce expenditure and increase income.

It is essential that all our islands have good air and sea communications, particularly on the life-line routes such as Alderney & Southampton.

We should revisit the number of politicians and the election process, to reduce the number of candidates presented for each election.


Guernsey must play its part in the worldwide reduction of carbon emissions. We need to look at new buildings standards to meet high energy efficiency and ideally be carbon neutral. We need to look at the availability of grants or loans for the improvement of existing buildings.

Guernsey is one of the few places in the developed world that does not encourage the use of electric vehicles or sustainable domestic power generation. I will seek to reduce reliance on third party power generation. I will encourage greater use of non-car transport from an environmental and health point of view. However, I advocate a freedom of choice approach because the car is essential & desirable for many households and is critical for business.

We need to examine the impact of environmental change on our island’s infrastructure, in particular our sea defences.

Additionally we can reduce the amount of single use plastics on our islands.

Health and Social Care

We have a good health care system. However there are some gaps particularly for the low paid. The health of our community starts with its youth and the school dental system needs to be enhanced. Promoting good health at an early age prevents greater costs later.

Social care is becoming more important as a proportion of our healthcare budget as we increasingly live longer. We need to start making provision for this section of the population either directly through states funding or through greater support for the third sector.

Education, Culture and Sport

I believe that smaller schools and class sizes provide a more nurturing environment and more successful learning outcomes. I am against the one school on two sites model and will advocate moving to a three-school model with a co-located Sixth Form, which has been endorsed by teachers. I am very keen to read the business case being prepared for the three-school model.

I support the creation of a Guernsey Institute to bring together the Guernsey Training Agency, The College of Further Education, the Institute for Health & Social Care Studies, and all sixth-form education. This should prove the most cost effective solution.

I volunteer with the Island Scouts and as an instructor of junior sailing and believe in the importance of sport and the arts.

Working for you

I do not believe the above issues represent the only problems facing our beautiful island nor do I pretend that they are simple. When you vote for me I will fairly represent you and your interests. Know that I will be open and transparent about what I am doing for you and why.

Finally, I would like to say a very big thank you to my proposer and seconder for all their support, Chris Bader and Spencer Noyon.

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