John Alfred Bannerman Gollop

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Personal Statement

I have led or sat as a board member on at least fifteen States Authorities or committees and am always well briefed with at times the best attendance record. My 16 years involved with legislation have repaid my mother’s faith in financing my university honours law degree! I was proud to be voted island wide as Guernsey’s Second Disability Champion, and have informally finished second in press and submarine island wide polls but this is the first time for me officially!

  • I bring unique Experience, Outlook, Knowledge and Continuity
  • I offer a balanced common sense non ideological perspective
  • I listen to the experts, and to the people and make my mind up
  • I am not afraid to change my mind and move on when circumstances evolve
  • I will work hard and constructively with anyone from any party, group of point of view



I need a strong mandate from you to get decisions moving and ask the questions other politicians don’t want to answer. I have asked more oral questions than any other member.

I am still one of the younger candidates but have focused experience with innovative ideas to offer. I don’t go for too many costly consultants, vacuous visions and meaningless mission statements! What we need is practical common sense combined with knowledgeable gut instinct backed by evidence of what on Guernsey.

The coronavirus crisis has produced effective leadership and good outcomes. But I want a huge personal mandate to make a positive difference for you. I am willing to lead scrutiny, legislation, States Assembly reform or sit on economic development, or policy and resources having acquired unique perspective and continuity of experience.


We need to keep our international obligations and promises by prioritising resources to sign up globally treaties to outlaw discrimination against women, and disabled people. I promise to push strongly for the positive heritage of Deputy Michelle Le Clerc, my proposer, to continue. I support the Green Ribbon consensus proposals for a properly resourced appropriate 3 school model with a sixth form academy and rebuilt Institute with lifelong learning and skills for a bright future of human capital.


I believe that any attempt to oblige people to sell their homes to finance excessive care costs is unacceptable to many. I support an equity release scheme as a tool to assist with current private top-up fees but my policy is to negotiate more States Rate care beds and uprate pensions beyond inflation. If necessary, if investments don’t perform brilliantly, I would support increasing the Long Term Care and Health Service fund contribution rates. We need more sponsored sheltered housing with hopefully another extra care complex out west.


We need our thinking hats on here and there is nothing cuddly about my rigorous approach to fiscal policies. We need to help those of us who struggle with costly household expenditure with more targeted support and less taxation. Many islanders are worse off as lower middle earners than elsewhere. We don’t do enough to help people just about managing. I support raising personal allowances significantly, introducing lower 15% rates of tax and higher benefits limitations and in work incentives such as earnings disregards and an examination of universal personal income ideas.

This can be paid for by restraining higher paid public sector posts, more emphasis on consumption taxes and economic growth by allowing a relaxation of population controls for skilled younger professionals in many industries. I support a reinvigorated public accounts committee with an Auditor General to cut costs. We need a clear economic recovery plan which wisely invests in infrastructure, small business and digital growth and especially air and sea transport inter island UK and European enabling links too.


I believe in modern Town Centre Management with professional democratic citizen forum consultation with clear enhancement decisions made about future redevelopment of the North Beach area and rebuilding St. Peter Port harbour better. As a UK Green Party member and delegate I obviously support strengthening biodiversity but balanced with economic considerations. I would ban noisy motorbikes and consider restricting minimum age from 14 to 16.

We need clarity on planning policy and practice. Experience tells me we have to choose between a politically directed model and an entire professional process structure. The current mish mash of quarterly open planning meetings, delayed decisions and tribunals trumping political decisions needs a review to change. I will promote more exemptions and loans and grants for energy conservation and historic buildings. We need more green lungs and island wildlife habitats and green field conservation protection.


I believe long term Guernsey would have a clearer, more accountable and open system with a return of Ministerial positions and collective policy co-ordination in a more Cabinet executive-type structure. The role of a Deputy needs re-evaluation as the current position lacks clear duties, research and secretarial support, proper corporate training outside alleged jollies and the payment package is more attractive to retired people and those with other jobs or business roles rather than to a younger and more inclusive gender balanced population. We have a democratic deficit.

I have many other policies to be published later in a brochure.

Yours faithfully,


Answers to questions proposed by the public:

Most of the detailed work of the States is done in committees, like the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure. What experience do you have of being on a committee and how did you contribute?

I have sat on numerous States committee boards and other management committee teams . I always aim to attend and contribute with ideas, judgement and wise counsel

With unemployment currently running at an all time high, what measures would you like in place to ensure local people are offered jobs before license holders ?

Unemployment is now fortunately lower than in the greenhouse recession of nearly forty years ago .  We need a brighter future based on skills development and lifelong learning. We must retain full hospitality catering training facilities at the college of further education on isle and train more skilled workers and carers to protect our income and society but we do need to import some skilled workers too.

What concrete measures would you like to see implemented in Guernsey during the next term to achieve net zero carbon by 2050?

Subsidies for the motor industry to encourage hybrid and electric vehicles combined with MoT testing outlawing high pollution. Reforming energy tariffs , home insulation, grants to improve thermal performance, tidal power, windmills and solar panels useful too.

I live in St Peter Port but have interests in the Vale, St Peters and Castel. Will you be looking at Island Wide issues or more so in your Parish of residence?

I have always been island wide in my focus whether concerned about the environmental issues, public transport, trees 🌲 as a tree warden, heritage , people or disability issues as an island wide elected champion.  However as a St Peter Port resident continuously from the age of 6 my heart ❤️ is in Town as a Townaman focused on the revival and enhancement of St Peter Port !

Are you concerned about the large amount of agricultural land that is being lost for private gardens?

I am very concerned about the loss of wildlife biodiversity habitat being lost to gardens and property curtilage or crazy patio paving . The island Development Plan needs review and ecological sustainability strengthening

You will make many commitments as a politician, but how will you actually ensure these are achieved? If you have been a deputy before, what will you do differently this term to improve achievements?

I will monitor my commitments with key performance indicators and midterm reviews . I will seek more support training and secretarial assistance to achieve much more this term and work constructively with all members especially the new entrants if possible .

What are your opinions on climate change and Guernsey's role in tackling it?

Climate Change is both a human encouraged and natural phenomenon. We have seen ice ages and hotter periods but as a Green Party conference delegate I believe we have to be caring and responsible enough to ensure we locally and globally restrain further heating up the planet 🌍 risking storms and sea Level rises . guernsey can have a brand new image and grand project as a Green island offsetting environmental negatives , following Dr Sloanes wide ranging vision as a Green finance funds Centre and as a testbed for green eco digital innovation. Small is beautiful too . We need to think global and act local .

What are the attributes and skills you will be looking for in the next President of the Policy & Resources Committee?

for the next P and R President I will be looking for attributes of accountability, strengths, inclusivity, charismatic leadership , realistic vision and an ability to relate to ordinary working people with moderate measures and brining members and the community together .  Policy development and people management are as important as financial expertise and international gravitas .

If the independent Cost Benefit Analysis supports lengthening the airport runway, would you vote in favour of investing in this key element of island infrastructure?

I have for many years been sympathetic to a sensible lengthening of the runway for both tourism and airplane flexibility reasons.

Do you believe that diversification of the island's tax base is an important consideration for Guernsey in today's volatile and fast-moving global economy? If so, how can this specifically be achieved for Guernsey?

Tax Diversification Is useful security for safeguarding the future but more importantly to leverage revenue for health services and have a fairer more motivational and equitable tax base. Territorial and consumption taxation will require analytical review .

What are the candidates' views on maternity pay and leave and how would they improve the current arrangements, if at all?

We on social security have improved maternity benefits but we need family friendly equality for both parents and more tax credits and provision of preschool education and child crèche care with tax allowances .

I believe Guernsey needs a vision; a forward-thinking concept for the future of the island’s infrastructure, community wellbeing and economy. What’s yours?

Some visions based on happiness can be banal and unrealistic . We need action to incrementally improve our performance and focus on innovative low impact growth with an exciting arts leisure and sporting cultural emphasis as a caring but luxurious society .

Do you agree that people should be encouraged to use cars less and if so what measures would you like to see introduced to achieve this?

cars can be improved and Greenwashed too! But encouraging living streets, pleasant  walks, safe cycling and a better more efficient and co ordinated bus network which is radial and relatively smart and demand responsive is the visionary  way forward .

Do you support outsourcing of States services?

I support outsourcing if we have Labour shortages or it can save vast sums of taxpayers money or provide bette4 customer service .  However gig economies and value added work multiplier transferred off island could be a negative own goal .

What will you do to educate the islanders about the reality of the climate crisis which is the biggest threat currently facing the world?

a paper leaflet drop might not be too green! Imaginative online information ℹ️ and audio advertising , with virtual reality would be an innovative approach.

Most environmental problems are caused by the love of growth. Would you consider de-growth?

Growth is generally necessary to sustain the economy and provide for an aging population.  but digital And robotic technology and intelligence can improve growth and productivity without concrete overkill

What intra island transport strategy would you support to ensure safe and ‘clean’ travel on island for all road users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists? And how do you plan to deliver that plan financially?

improved public bus transport services and networks perhaps free with demand responsive additions financed by revenue support sponsorship or hypothecation. We should Commission specially built narrow electric bus fleets!

What environmental policies would you support to reduce Guernsey’s reliance on the internal combustion engine, in support of International global warming initiatives?

I would reintroduce. A motor tax which would encourage over time greener more efficient new cars and electric tricycles.

What measures will you put in place during the next term to ensure that environmental biodiversity will be protected and enhanced?

restrict Greenfield building , encourage local food production , appoint more biodiversity ecologists and implement the wildlife strategy with money people and action

The Guernsey Press had an article and a picture of a proposed East Coast development called HYDROPORT. It seemed to me to be a brilliant plan and included a new deep water harbour, a hydro electric supply by enclosing Belgrave bay and changes to St Peter port harbour to accommodate cruise liners and super yachts. It would provide jobs, produce an ongoing and substantial revenue stream and make us to some extent self-reliant on electricity, why has there been no update on this project?

the States should enquire what happened to Hydroport but should focus on harbour improvements rather than risking undermining the sensitive ecological balance of the east coast ecology

Do you agree that there is a climate crisis caused predominantly by the actions of humans?

YES! climate change has occurred over history but this  Current crisis is human caused predominantly.

Longue Hougue has been proposed as a site for inert waste disposal despite it being a site of international importance in terms of wildlife. La Societe Guernesiase and other scientists have advised against this. What will you do to ensure that this valuable habitat is protected?

I want to reverse or mitigate the Longue Houge reclamation to conserve the marine habitat and save the scaly crickets !

Most scientists and experts agree that a target of 2050 to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions is nowhere near ambitious enough and will have catastrophic consequences around the world. What will you do to ensure that Guernsey takes action to significantly reduce carbon emissions during the next term?

We need to grasp the nettle of energy conservation with heating insulation loans and grants with solar panel technology and renewable energy expenditure. Mark Harrison’s Electric Plane project serving inter isle should be an innovative project to explore .

What is your view on current spending on Aurigny, is it worth how much we are paying? Is it run efficiently? Did we need new aircraft?

We need a public Public Accounts enquiry into Aurigny . We need new larger aircraft preferably leased for some key routes And perhaps some new Islanders for inter isle and French links with electric battery capability !  Government needs a tighter grip of Aurigny expenditure BUT it is necessary for our business economy, tourism. Sector and family links to support out island owned airline .

If elected, would you fully support the retention, repair and ongoing maintenance of the Sea Defences provided by the anti-tank wall at L’Ancresse Bay?

Yes, for the foreseeable future over the next twenties decade I WOULD support retaining the classic historic Vale sea wall. It is part of heritage and prevents further coastal erosion and provides maintenance jobs with certain capital expenditure savings .

A significant proportion of the concerns about the two college model of secondary education related to the capital costs and space standards: they could have been addressed with higher spending. Would you be prepared to spend more money on the future model of secondary education than previously agreed by the States in September 2019? If so, how much more?

I believe unequivocally In building capacity into public and educational buildings and would spend to create best possible infrastructure . I would be prepared to invest in our children’s future with several million pounds extra per annum to raise standards and quality to attain the best attainments and educational outcomes too

With the general increase in costs of running the island and with various capital projects requiring funding; and with limitations on the amount that islanders can be taxed; do you think that it may be time to revisit the 0-10 tax scheme that created a big black hole in the island's finances?

yes! Inevitably Zero Ten and Corporate tax structures require a sensible evidence based review and re-evaluati9m especially if post Covid the offshore business model is evolving.

If elected, what priority will you give to the introduction of the already-drafted consumer protection legislation?

As a long time consumer champion sitting on the Guernsey 🇬🇬 consumer group committee with Roy Bisson and Rhoderick Matthews I’m very supportive of implementing the draft legislative proposals but realize anti discrimination, disability , justice , financial and environmental legislation have higher priority .

Did you know that same-sex families aren't treated equally when it comes to registering the birth of a child? What will you do to change that?

I am aware of the inequality concerning the registration of a child for some parents. Thus must be change as soon as possible.

Would you support a programme of privatisation of island utilities and other facilities such as Beau Sejour to help reduce record levels of borrowing resulting from the cost of Covid defences?

Privatization of Beau Sejour would neither be commercially attractive or socially desirable.   Some of Guernsey’s trading assets could be given greater autonomy or golden share capital but careless privatization could undermine our independence and success.

Increasing home working will likely result in surplus office space. Will you encourage an urgent revision of Planning Policies to facilitate conversion of retail and office space to residential & curb green-field development?

I would be supportive of allowing planning change of use and IDP plan review for certain less crucial empty offices and shops to residential and strengthen green field protection.

What is your attitude towards enhanced and mandatory registration, chipping and DNA recording of dogs and control of their fouling, island-wide?

I support more protection of pet safety with education to look after pets, curb speed where pets wander and making cat death after being run over a reportable accident . I would be reluctant to introduce mandatory chips and legislation .

I have one question for sitting Deputies and one for new candidates. Deputies:- what, in your mind, was your greatest political achievement in the last four years? New candidates:- What is your biggest political goal in the next four years?

my greatest political achievement apart from further developing the disabled people’s legislation was co leading a referendum group supporting some island wide elections over the traditional model!   My goal would be more economic developments for the upcoming entrepreneurs from the islands community And sorting out the education model malaise

How good are your mediation and conciliation skills? The key to the islands well-being and progress is in working together to achieve the projects approved - to see sustainable, innovative solutions. Leadership in pulling the team together to move forward, rather than in circles.

Having studied counseling ,listening skills , hypnotherapy , psychotherapy and neuro linguistic programming as well as law I strongly support mediation and conciliation processed approaches and tools to bring harmony and togetherness . I am known for being polite and positive to people .

Would you support not giving Local Market licenses to those earning above a set level to support both LM and OM?

we need to lessen housing regulation and red tape post Covid . But it would be preferable if some higher earners could be persuaded to stimulate the open market rather than inflate the over heated local market . But we need market supply and demand solutions too .

First time buyers are encouraged to buy new build developments taking up green space, while there are vast amounts of listed properties facing dereliction on the island - buildings ripe for restoration, renovation and to be lived in. Currently, people are put off as they are greeted with stringent and outdated views by The Planning and Heritage Department - it takes too much time and money so are immediately put off. What will you do to change the process for the better?

I agree the scheduled heritage buildings list needs reform and re-evaluation with grants and loans to encourage sensitive reconstruction of older outmoded and energy inefficient housing stock . I would prefer housing association competition in providing new build maybe potentially using prefabricated properties as well as conventional build to encourage the aspirational and first time markets with staircases intermediate partial ownership projects . The new extensive social housing close to the Bridge and other urban brownfield areas would allow some individual prewar States housing homes to be sold to tenants or approved first time buyers.

Would you support changes in the law to make cannabis for personal use legal?

yes, I would be positively investigating supporting and looking at phasing I'm decriminalization of cannabis for adult personal use.

Question for New Candidates: During the COVID-19 lockdown States Meetings were held virtually. On 24th of June Meetings resumed in the Royal Court Chamber. As a prospective States Member have you spent any time at all in the public gallery observing our Parliament (potentially your future workplace) in action? If not, why not?

although not a new candidate I spent many years researching debate before becoming a States member and think it a useful and informative experience. I wish we were being streamed and televised in live colour video pictures too!

In 1945, the generosity of people outside Guernsey enabled the delivery of Red Cross parcels to the island on the SS Vega. What is your view on the statement that ‘charity begins at home but should not end there’? How can we best show our care for people in need in other parts of the world?

Guernsey people had much to feel grateful for the Red Cross lifesaving ship 🚢  SS Vega , but islanders contribute enormously by making a great sacrifice to both World Wars on the English UK 🇬🇧 side (and occasionally the French forces). We should provide a welcoming home for foreign migrants who can enjoy life here amongst us and be readily accepted and integrated without prejudice , we should give support and aid to refugee causes and it is part of our international identity , and  growing credible autonomy that we continue with and gradually increase when we can our programme of international development aid , j would support more skills and personnel traveling from. Guernsey 🇬🇬 overseas as working ambassadors in addition to just providing standard financial aid for worthy human and environmental projects .

This is a question for new candidates; do you agree with the principle of scrutiny of government and if so how would you ensure that it was fairly carried out ?

I have served on Scrutiny for eight years and legislative scrutiny panels for many years and support the critical friend principle of open questioning and accountability. I want to recreate a Public Accounts assembly committee to meet openly in public and in practice to act as an audit commission  with a qualified and independent Auditor  General.

Considering the mounting public pressure against the way our current justice system deals with cannabis offences, what is your stance on the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in Guernsey?

The States should take more oversight and interest in reforming the justice system with clearer legislative guidelines on appropriate sentencing and regulating the size of the prison population.  I support a programmer of experimenting with decriminalization of cannabis , pharmaceutical regulation for therapeutic medicinal and relaxant use and protecting teenagers from illegal and inappropriate drug misuse is the

In a review last year into drugs and treatments and States debate in January, HSC acknowledged that the disparity between life changing NICE TA drugs available in Guernsey compared to the NHS had become too great to be justified, with nearly 4000 patients now on sub-optimal treatments. The Guernsey Health Reserve was identified as the funding source. HSC announced last week a delay of at least a year to the implementation of this policy. How do you propose to tackle the pace at which change takes place within the States? Should you be held accountable for delivering on commitments you make individually, as a committee or collectively as the States?

I certainly pledge to HEAL the rift and explore the Health Reserve fund failure to be Implemented in a timely fashion to acquire NICE drugs . Given the HSC commitment to protect us from Covid 19 @at any economic cost and price the failure to procure  NICE life saving drugs requires proactive scrutiny and action for change .

What ideas do you have to ensure there is affordable housing including support for first time buyers and ensure affordable rental property is available for locals so they can continue to live here? What is your stance on mortgage tax relief and shared ownership initiatives?

I am not sure we were wise to abandon mortgage tax relief, cadastre rent control,  self build and homes for workers loans .  We need to stimulate the housing market with a greater choice of associations explore selling off surplus outdated housing stock and properties and kickstart essential developments like Leales Yard .  We should expand partial ownership and explore underwriting  initiatives with the mortgage markets . What happened to the savings and loan building society idea. 💡

Earlier this year, the States passed the introduction of life-saving and life-changing NICE-Approved drugs & medicines by a massive 32-1 vote; these drugs are readily available under the NHS and SHS in the UK. HSC have now announced that the implementation of this is now to be delayed by a year or so. Out of all projects the States have on their list - this has to be THE single most important one because it will affect up to 4,000+ residents of our island. How do you intend to bring forward the delay of this incredibly important topic to a much quicker implementation date?

I intend to ask oral and written questions of both the health and Social care committee and policy and resources committee, and maybe seek election to at least one of those committees,  we must press for budget releases and early financial resources

What would you do to address traffic noise pollution from vehicles speeding and backfiring along St Georges Esplanade/Les Banques and towards town?

I would try to traffic calm certain town areas and ban with strict policing noisy motorbikes and scooters,

In January 2020 the States passed a policy to make all NICE TA drugs and treatments available to Islanders. Do you see this as a priority and if so how would you expedite implementation?

I would question why NICE drugs aren’t being prioritized and support or lead a requette to accelerate Progress

The recent Frontier report on the runway extension summed up that "the economic benefits of extending the runway are likely to outweigh the costs" with net benefits over 40 years of up to £687m (over £20k per household). Post COVID, do you support continued investigation into the potential for a runway extension to improve Guernsey's infrastructure, air links, and sustain the visitor economy?

I am open minded on looking at a cost benefit analysis concerning the airport runway extension.

Have you been made aware that every report that the SOG has commissioned for 20 years has flagged the need to extend the runway to circa 1700m+ and the commercial benefits it will bring for the island as a whole?

I think the strongest argument for extending the runway is the changing aviation landscape requiring more modern larger planes .the greatest downside is loss of natural diversity .  But our transport links to the major airport hubs are essential to our future .

Brexit presents a unique opportunity for Guernsey to strengthen its ties with other Commonwealth countries and stand on its own two feet on an international scale. Would you be willing to make an effort to strengthen our diplomatic ties to countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada?

Guernsey needs to strengthen and consolidate both our European links especially now French is an official language now , 🇫🇷 but as a longstanding member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary association I would welcome the opportunity to serve again and go on a global fact finding  research trip to countries  like Australia and New Zealand 🇳🇿

The current states assembly has approved proposals for a Discrimination Ordinance, but much work needs to be done. How committed are you to ensuring that LGBTQ+ people, people of colour, people with disabilities and people of faith are protected on this island?

As most islanders will realize i am totally committed to pursuing the sensible and realistic Disability equalities and anti discrimination legislation and the ERO Equality and Rights Organization.  Civil service, legal and financial resources must be allocated .

What criteria do you use for decision making?

I evaluate options evidence and weigh up through evidence and gut intuition experience decisions and options to choose .

In the last two years two pieces of legislation have come to the States which specifically target the most vulnerable members of our society - euthanasia and abortion - where a person’s fundamental and basic right to life is overridden in the name of lesser rights. Do you believe that disposing of a person’s life is a sign of progress? Do you believe that failing to protect human life at any age or stage of development is the mark of a civilised and enlightened and caring society?

Although I support an appropriate modernization And reform  of the abortion law I feel more public debate is needed and would prefer a moderate approach that balanced the crucial rights of the woman with the life of the unborn child . I am against restricting abortion choices to the mobile and wealthy and don’t support criminalization of women or doctors . I want to strengthen suppor5 for young families and would support viable assisted dying  propositions when the time is right for Guernsey

It is beyond time to invest in our people, infrastructure and public services. Do you plan to make the island's tax system more fair and progressive, so that more businesses and the wealthy pay a fairer share?

Agreed we need more effective investment in infrastructure and services but that can be improved by systems reform and simplification and a restructuring of tax reductions.  I don’t believe progressive raising of tax for the better off will solve our problems.

In light of covid-19 and the hit that the tourist industry has taken what plans (if any) would you try to put in place to make Guernsey more attractive to tourists after travel bans are lifted? And do you feel tourism should play a more crucial role in Guernsey? If not, why?

Tourism in the short term requires more robust state support . Next year a package of more money for arts and sports events, cheap air and sea transport and mor4 tourist attractions should reinvigorate the industry .

Please list in order of importance: - driving Guernsey’s economy - addressing social needs - protecting the environment - invest in Guernsey’s infrastructure and improve - sort out the schools - focus on air and sea links - extend the runway - implement revive and thrive as a priority - open our closed borders as a priority - reduce states expenditure

I list and rank in order of importance: A focus on air and sea links B implementation of revive and thrive C driving Guernsey 🇬🇬 economy D investing in Guernsey’s infrastructure with improvements e.g. broadband bandwidth E sort out the schools... and skills F protect the environment, biodiversity etc. G address social needs H open our closed borders... when safe obviously I reduce states expenditure J extend the runway. this is a more medium term objective

List your achievements to date which have been a benefit to Guernsey.

Achievements perhaps has been my campaigns for better public transport and arts, the focus on autism spectrum awareness and my time as Disabled People's Champion

Do you support a reduction in the cost of running the civil service? If so, how would you do that and over what timescale?

Yes I support a reduction in the cost by at least ten percent over the next four and a half year term in running the civil service especially by reducing and regrading some highly paid managerial roles and outsourcing some necessary positions eventually to the private and third charitable sectors .

As we subsidise the airline, should Aurigny have a monopoly over all air routes to and from the Bailiwick, with a regulator to ensure fair pricing and a policy of not for profit?

I still sit on the political regulator board states Transport Licensing Authority so support a variety of airlines impartially . I accept and support open skies . We should proactively run Aurigny as an economic enabler and key 🔑 projector of connectivity but encourage other airlines too especially European links and budget carriers.

What is your view regarding commercialisation with respect to States owned entities?

I have an open mind with commercialization for states owned entities . Very different arguments and issues face for example the dairy, the airport, States works and beau sejour.

Should the island be spending tax payers money on maintaining air and sea links?

The islands transport and tourism links are so essential to our social and economic survival and environmental footprint they may require taxpayers money especially from corporations.

What is your view on future funding for long term care as current funding will be insufficient by 2040?

we should encourage more long term care market entrants , provide more care in the community and invest the fund very wisely . I would prefer gradually raising the percentage rates to demanding financial contributions. To the states from home sales, loans or equity release.

What is your opinion of introducing a goods and sales tax?

Opinions are not always based on fact. I deplore the way Jersey imposes GST on food and children’s clothes but sales taxes allow reductions in income tax for the less well off and more health services. I would be against sales taxes that would weaken our retail sector or increase poverty but think long term we will need more consumption taxes to support greater tax equity .

Would you support the ‘listing’ of all remaining historic military structures, as Jersey has done, to ensure their ongoing protection, repair and maintenance?

I would definitely support historic heritage military structures like Jersey to conserve festung heritage . Appalling this work project lost between economic development Visit guernsey 🇬🇬, ae and I and planning .

What initiatives would you put in place to grow our economy?

Stronger transport links , business start up grants, digital broadband investment , relaxation of population management rules and a stronger focus on skills development.

Do you believe that the rates of income support are a) too low b) about right or c) too high? Explain your answer in some detail.

As a long term member of the social security boards I think 🤔 we have tried to bring the levels of income support to be about right .  That said for larger families the benefit limitation still requires    Hardships for some and hard working families in lower income jobs and single people paying high rents or with addictions still suffer .we deny aspirations and the ability to save so I believe much of our income support in a very expensive society is still for some circumstances too low .

How will you support and encourage young people coming to the island with regards to housing and licencing to ensure the island has more stable tax base as the population ages?

although suspending or destroying the a Population Management housing license regime Would be a step too far I support urgent view and relaxation especially for highly skilled professional young people we need and ensuring essential workers in care, hospitality and logistics etc. who  supported us thru Covid should be treated fairly and with compassion

How will your religious faith influence your voting decisions?

I am an Anglican Christian ✝️ with independent views shaped by an optimistic humanist faith and I trust values of compassion, forgiveness and reviving through new growth and rebirth our community and social fabric whilst protecting our God given natural environmental gifts 🎁 . Conscience is important too and I would hope we can encourage family life and alleviation of suffering and encourage children  to be wanted where possible.

Have you read the recommendations contained in the Frontier Economics Report in which they state that the long term benefits of extending the runway far outweigh the environmental and capital costs? If so, are you in favour of extending the runway?

I have read the airport runway Frontier Economics report and will take on board it’s answers but all consultants reports especially from outside our community are subjective. I think we have to overcome the coronavirus global tourism slump first before making an evidence based decision

What are your views on the cost of Primary Healthcare locally and what innovative ideas do you have that don’t simply involve ‘redirecting funding from a different states pot’ to create fair, equitable and affordable access to Primary Care for all islanders?

Primary medical Care access is too expensive and perhaps elitist for  some , We need to reinvent the community hub elements of GP surgery life . I would increase the health insurance grants rates to incorporate primary care m work together with mutual medical insurers solitudes to build back better and encourage competition in surgical provision.

Do you support developing end of life care (including palliative care) or would you look to introduce a form of euthanasia as in assisted dying (assisted suicide)?

We have not developed enough end of life healing palliative care despite the excellent les Bourgs Hospice which receives minimal state aid. euthanasia should be kept under review as an option to investigate when we understand the medical and legal issues  more clearly

Education - Do you know what T levels are and if you do, would you be enthusiastically demanding that they are available here in Guernsey?

We need greater T level technical vocational education as a useful choice to build our skill base especially with a more powerful tertiary institute perhaps linked to University development too.

What will you do to help Guernsey businesses revive and thrive and make Guernsey a 'smarter' and technologically advanced place to do business, and to encourage new start up businesses?

We don’t focus enough on brighter future lifelong skills development. I was appalled last year we lost the town Centre partnership and start up Guernsey the islands enterprise agency . Come on Guernsey 🇬🇬. Economic Development need millions to lend and grant new business initiatives

There is a lack of mental health support available - particularly to those who seem to fall into the apparent gap between the secondary and primary mental health services. What will you do to address this?

We need to resurrect a well funded service users mental health support group, fund Guernsey a mind to reach out with enhanced service provision and maybe have a political mental health champion too.  We also need an off island independent holistic review of our mental health service.

How would you as a deputy ensure emotive proposals such as, change to abortion law or assisted dying law would be publicly debated? And allow Islanders to have more of a say in these emotive issues.

On emotive issues of conscience members should refuse to vote for or debate issues that have not received appropriate public consultation and community involvement

What is your position on the opportunity to debate the abortion issue more openly and fairly with more balanced representations to the Deputies?

Abortion regardless of your viewpoint will be reviewed and debated again by the new States because the legislation will return from St James law chambers for review and reconsideration so everyone can contribute again .

How do you see the way forward for secondary education in the island? Do you favour a particular model and if so which one?

I would like to see our promise to rebuild la Mare de Carteret school rebuilt and support creative difference and inclusive variety in educational provision rather than strict one seize fits all equality . I prefer the three school green ribbon model probably focused on one 11 to 18 grammar school site and two other well appointed secondary schools with specialized interests .

Recognising the importance of our natural environment and our hospitality industry how would you propose to move forward essential repairs and any development at St Peter Port harbour, securing access to our beaches (e.g. Petit Port, Divette, Soldiers bay), the maintenance of our cliff paths and the important access from the bathing places to the Clarence battery? Does this essential maintenance take priority over the development of the East Coast/Town seafront?

St Peter Port Harbour development is an essential and integral part of our seafront enhancement and has been a political football 🏈 with false dawns for too long . We need action vision and infrastructure investment. However to support our eco tourism, I would prioritize sea walks, cliff path walks, biodiversity habitats , the Fermain bay walls our cliff paths and bathing 🧽 places over curious novelty vanity projects ..

What are your views about the proposed way forward with regard to Probate, recognising that the age-old system has been efficient, pastoral, and inexpensive? Are you of the view "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?

The Probate court decision has finally been made .as the former President of special States Committee the Parochial Ecclesiastical Review Committee we were made very aware of the well run and efficient Ecclesiastical Probate court and the good work it did for Church finances and charitable endeavors   , we need to socially invest in the volunteer sector and gift aid church funds  as an alternative and ensure the new Royal Court administered Probate Now the decision  has been finally made is time efficient and low cost for modern probate court secular users .

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