John F. Dyke

John F. Dyke
  • Parish Castel
  • Experience New Candidate
  • Party The Guernsey Party
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  • Ensure fiscal prudence and low taxation. No tax increases.
  • Support business to ensure the prosperity of ALL the people of Guernsey.
  • Encourage small, efficient government and light regulation.
  • Help the less fortunate with cost effective and proportionate social policies.
  • A clear “NO”to the two school model.


Tax and Spending

With the current path of uncontrolled spending the States are setting us on a path to massive tax increases as proposed in the 2019 Tax Policy Paper from the Policy and Resources Committee. Increased taxation does not grow an economy. Proposals for tax increases are not being discussed ahead of the election but they surely will return thereafter, probably after we have blown through £500 million of additional borrowings and need to start repaying.

The States over the past four years have, by poor decision making, wasted hundreds of millions of pounds. To give examples; wasteful off Island consultations; the L’Ancresse wall; regulatory costs; excessive borrowing costs and fees; the Two Schools plans.

We seem to be spending £200m on an IT contract, but find that doesn’t seem to cover upgrades to the Health Dept or the Tax Office so another £20m for each. Nearly a quarter of a billion. That alone is £8,000 per employed person.

It goes on and on.


At this point, with business under severe pressures including competition from Jersey we must cut back on unnecessary regulatory and other impositions or more jobs will be lost.

Planning procedures and restrictions on open market housing must also be looked at with a view to making affordable local market housing more readily available and reinstating flexibility in the open market.

Regulation of the finance sector also needs to be reviewed, ideally after the UK has left the EU Transition Period when we can judge our options between London and EU demands.


The Disabilities Law needs to be implemented in a pragmatic manner to avoid undue costs from “over lawyering” its good intentions. I would also propose a parallel initiative of working up specific proposals between the States, the Guernsey Disability Alliance and other stakeholders to assist those with disabilities and other limitations. For example, an electric vehicle running between and through the car parks, bus station and High St to make Town more physically accessible.


The current plans are unpopular for good reason. We need at least three States secondary schools. Squeezing hundreds of extra pupils into Beaucamps and St Sampsons will produce overcrowding and all the “ big school” problems that we don’t need.

Each school should be run independent of the States with a Board of Governors and Headmaster in control of spending, hiring teaching staff and curriculum.

This must all be coupled with a great, independent College of Further Education or Institute.

I would favour reinstating the modest grants to the Colleges and a system of scholarships.


We will review all of the principal health service contracts entered into by the States with value for money in mind and will explore further deals with off Island healthcare providers, both NHS and private, to provide the operations and specialist care that cannot be provided in Guernsey.

We will ensure that Guernsey has the best possible MRI, CT and other imaging equipment on the Island to provide these services to the highest standard and without delays. This should facilitate general screening of the population to ensure early detection of disease, in particular, cancer.

We will take the steps necessary to reinstate the reciprocal medical agreement with the UK and will explore the possibility of similar arrangements with the EU.

We will pay close attention to the terms and conditions enjoyed by our nurses and also on Island training. Terms need to be sufficiently attractive to retain nurses in Guernsey to ensure good patient care and avoid uneconomic agency arrangements so far as possible. On Island training must be a priority.

Capital expenditure and Environment

We must review this carefully with an eye to growing the economy, and in particular, look promptly at:

airport and air links with an eye to reducing fares;.

upgrading internet speeds;

harbour development and sea links;

green energy, heat pumps, wind, solar, tidal and wave; one big decision will be on whether the new cable link to France remains economic in a greener scenario;

improving our attractions, eg a Victor Hugo and a Renoir themed facility and use a new dairy as the centre of a Guernsey cow/ dairy attraction;

improved cycleways to include segregated cycle paths around the south, west and north coasts, planned in such a way that they do not cut down on road space for motorists;

maintaining our infrastructure and sea walls;

a truly first rate development at St Sampsons;

tree planting and a biodiversity programme.


I propose that the maximum contribution that permits the States gross up be increased to assist our crucial charitable sector.

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