Mark Andrew Fletcher

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Personal Statement

I am a Guernsey man, married with two grown up children. I have been a freesia grower for the past 35 years in which time established The Guernsey Freesia Centre, which has been a thriving business and a successful visitor attraction. My hobbies include bass fishing. I was a founder and president of the Bailiwick Bass Club. I am also a competitive darts player.

  • I will work to protect and uphold our proud Guernsey way of life
  • I will fight to ensure the prosperity of our Bailiwick by providing the best education for our children
  • We must support and protect local business, not just the finance sector
  • I believe that our government must spend what it can afford, so as not to burden our children with our debt
  • I will fight for islanders’ rights to receive help, support, and justice for wrongdoings



During the past few years, doing business for many has become more challenging, with one of the main reasons being a large drop in visitor numbers. Our beautiful island has not been promoted properly to attract new visitors, and I believe that improving on this should be a priority for our next elected government, starting with ensuring the availability of reliable and affordable transport links.


The constant delays regarding the future of secondary education have created uncertainty for pupils, teachers, and parents for many years now. We must listen to what the people of Guernsey asked and marched for, and act upon it accordingly.

The prosperity of our Bailiwick depends on our children’s education; their success today is the success of our island tomorrow.


I was the chairman of The Postal Flower Association when in 2012, the policy of low-value consignment relief (LVCR) was ended by the UK Treasury. I voiced my serious concerns with our local government with regards to how this concession was being exploited by large corporations setting up in the island for the avoidance of tax purposes, to the detriment of many local businesses.


Let’s spend what we can afford in these uncertain times, so as not to burden our children with our debt. If our government, like many of our families, live within our means, and we cut out wasteful spending, we can avoid extra taxation like GST or bonds on our homes to cover care for our elderly.


I want all islanders to be able to turn for help and support, and not feel as if they have to go to professional services off-island to get justice. I want to stop wrongdoers taking advantage of people without powerful connections, and for those people to be protected from damage and harm. Many of you may know about my family’s experience with the local representatives’ denial of natural justice, as we have been unjustly kept out of our home.

I consider myself to be a traditional Guernsey-man and was given encouragement from many of you to stand.

I promise to do my best and not to let you down.

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