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Personal Statement

Dear Voter – For 12 years I have been privileged to serve our Island as a People’s Deputy. I respectfully request that you cast one of your votes for me in our first island- wide election. In addition to this summary manifesto, I am sending my full manifesto to every household. I am participating in hustings for genuinely independent candidates. I am walking around our Island and calling on as many of you as I can. If you wish to discuss my policies or share your views or ideas, please contact me at your convenience.

  • I was born and grew up in Guernsey. I went to Vale Primary School and Elizabeth College.
  • I am 39. Nikki and I have been married for 16 years. We have three children:
  • Joshua (13) at St Sampson’s High School, Amelia (10) at Vale Primary School, and Megan (21 months).
  • Before I was elected to the States, we ran two small family businesses.
  • My approach to politics is based on being constructive, authentic, hard-working and resilient.


My Approach to Politics

We need deputies to be constructive and pragmatic. I do not constantly seek to revisit old arguments. I do not fall out with colleagues over political disagreements. I have a strong record of negotiating compromises. This term of government has been affected by tribalism and division. I want to help get the States back to true consensus government.

We need deputies to be authentic and forthright. I say what I believe and believe what I say. I always act in what I consider to be Guernsey’s best long-term interests. Voters should be sceptical about candidates who give the impression that they could sort out every problem with simplistic solutions if only they alone had complete control of the levers of power.

We need deputies who are hard-working. I am conscientious about attending meetings, researching issues, replying to correspondence and taking on casework for people who need assistance. I try to maintain a breadth of interests rather than becoming pre-occupied with a single issue. I am asking voters to judge me on my record over the past 12 years and not by a single policy on which we may have disagreed.

We need deputies who are resilient and who take on the most difficult challenges our Island faces, even if it is at personal cost to themselves and their families. The alternative is a weak Assembly which always takes the path of least resistance – this is not what our special Island and its wonderful people need if we are to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Support and Endorsements

On my website there are words of support for my re-election from various people locally who are involved in industry, sport, the third sector and other areas of Island life. I thank them for their encouragement and endorsement. I also thank my proposer, Andrew Le Lievre, and my seconder, Professor Richard Conder.

My work with colleagues since 2016…

  • On Employment & Social Security until 2018 – unemployment at 10-year low & minimum wage increased above inflation
  • Secured States’ approval for financial support of sufferers of mesothelioma
  • Secured States’ approval for off-island travel insurance without increasing social insurance charges
  • Led the ‘Plan for Sport’ through the States – £1.2million into sport and physical activity over the next few years
  • Reprioritised spending to invest a further £1.2million in PE in schools until 2025
  • Refurbishment of Foote’s Lane – on time and on budget – including the Channel Islands’ only eight-lane 400m athletics track
  • New Education Law – proposals to be published imminently
  • Secured States’ approval to redevelop La Mare de Carteret Primary School
  • Secured States’ approval to cut the cost of a GP visit for children by 50% without increasing public expenditure
  • Created The Guernsey Institute and secured States’ approval to develop new facilities for further education at Les Ozouets
  • Led education through the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic
  • Supported schools to raise standards – redirected spending to improve literacy and new GCSE performance measures

If re-elected my aims include…

  • Complete the review of secondary education and select a model which promotes the highest standards and extends opportunity for all students
  • Enact the new Education Law
  • Start the redevelopment of La Mare de Carteret Primary School
  • Move The Guernsey Institute into new purpose-built facilities at Les Ozouets
  • Maintain focus on high standards in schools and prioritise the development of skills in the workforce
  • Prepare the Island for potential future waves of Covid-19
  • Work with colleagues to move beyond the divisive and tribal politics of this States term and get back to true consensus government
  • Secure the Island’s economic prosperity through sustainable growth, stable inflation and low unemployment
  • Develop an action plan on climate change and support our transition to cleaner fuels and a low-carbon economy
  • Protect the value of pensions and long-term care in a way which cares for older Islanders and is affordable to the rest of the population
  • Deliver the refurbishment of Castle Cornet
  • Protect higher education students against the Brexit risk of substantially higher course fees

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