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I am disgusted by the Machiavellian mind games some deputies seem to enjoy. I want a States with transparency, integrity, consideration and listening to ideas from the public. Guernsey needs to recover from the Covid-19 recession we will experience and rediscover again the amazing place it is, but without the unrealistic dream of ‘the happiest place in the world to live in by 2020’. It will take time.

  • Education: Three schools for students 11-16.
  • Infrastructure: A comprehensive review of the current situation with a clear forward looking plan.
  • Economy: A cost effective model helping business and islanders to survive and thrive. No vanity projects.
  • Environment: Improve current practices making the island greener. Projects justified, sustainable and affordable.
  • Greater transparency, integrity & consideration. Listen to the public.


As an individual we can do little, but in cooperation with other Deputies we can achieve great things. Each Deputy is a small cog but together we can become a great machine and make Guernsey amazing again.

Education is very contentious; many deputies did not listen to the public but had their own political dogma and agenda which ran from the top of P&R down. Look at who voted for the two school model. A three-school model for the size of island and infrastructure we have is the only realistic option.

Infrastructure or perhaps ‘what infrastructure planning’ is the correct question? The Development and Planning Authority produce frameworks and grant planning permission, but they only take each application as a single issue, they do not consider what happens if all proposed developments are built. Can the sewage, water, electricity, roads, pavements, cycleways and public transport support all the developments together.

The Economy is of paramount importance, it is the lifeblood of the island, it supports our lifestyle. We are repeatedly told that the economy relies on finance and insurance and to a great degree that is true. However, if we ignore all other industries then, as artificial intelligence develops and is used in finance, people will lose jobs and the economy will slide slowly but surely into terminal decline. There needs to be action now to support, promote and even help export the other wonderful and unique industries on the island.

  • Guernsey milk is second to none, but we have not built up an export market like Jersey have. The dairy and artisan cheese makers should be supported.
  • Gin, vodka, rum and cider are produced on island but are not properly promoted overseas, does the Guernsey finance industry or Visit Guernsey take it when attending seminars and exhibitions? These products should be being promoted.
  • Hotels and restaurants are struggling and must not become the forgotten industries. Staycations might work for a while but as soon as possible Visit Guernsey need to be out there promoting the amazing diverse beauty and experiences to be had on a visit to Guernsey.

The States and Civil Service. Past reviews have identified that the civil service needs to have numbers reduced. The States of Guernsey Chief Executive said that under him, during this last States, numbers would be reduced and the civil service would become leaner and more efficient, it hasn’t happened, he has failed in one of his major goals, a target he set himself. The Policy and Resources Committee, to whom he reports, have failed the electorate, they have not held the Chief Executive to account, they have let matters blunder on, as they have themselves.

  • There are many hard-working and competent civil servants, but they appear poorly organised and managed. Reduce management but keep frontline staff.
  • Transparency is a very overused buzz word and it is the one-thing that P&R and the senior civil service are not good at.
  • After four years the president of P&R has not brought the States’ accounts in line with world conventions. Is he afraid that if they were, they would show a worse financial position than we are led to believe?

Taxation. Are stealth taxes to be continually increased and GST introduced or should we look at alternative ways to raise the money needed to ensure that future generations of islanders are not burdened with repaying the debt the past States’ borrowed or sanctioned to be borrowed. Unfortunately, I fear that the islands finances are such that taxes may, unfortunately, have to rise in the near future to meet and pay for our liabilities. Therefore, all expenditure must be justified, affordable and for the good of the island and not a few.

Our Environment is precious, we must do all we can to make it a better place to live in, but it should not be subject to political dogma for the sake of correctness. Think of our islands needs first.

  • Derelict vineries are a blight on the landscape and wooden greenhouses lethal to the environment, they are not the harbours of biodiversity that many believe. Older wooden greenhouses were painted with lead-based paint and their pipes and boilers lagged with asbestos posing significant risks.
  • Cleared vineries could be used for solar arrays to provide green electricity.
  • We are losing verges of agricultural land with planning permitting conversion to gardens, but in the future will these be developed for housing?

Island Connectivity

  • Aurigny was haemorrhaging money before Covid-19 and was regularly bailed out, now it is bleeding to death. What we expect of Aurigny must be agreed, it will be a very difficult conversation.
  • Condor is privately owned and unfortunately, we have little say over its operations!

Covid-19 has been very successfully contained under the direction of Dr Brink but whilst waiting for a vaccine we must find ways of safely opening our borders and any deputy who doesn’t listen to Dr Brink is one I would not want to work with. I do worry for the wellbeing and mental health of the island if there is a second wave.

At the end of the upcoming States, I want to say I was part of a great assembly and I did my part with Transparency, Integrity and Consideration.

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