Neil Edward Forman

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Neil Edward Forman
  • Parish St Peter Port
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Personal Statement

I was born in Guernsey and educated at La Mare de Carteret primary and secondary schools. I have been interested in politics since my early twenties and stood for election in 2012 and 2016. I am currently Workshop Manager at Island Coachways. I have a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind, which I think will be necessary for a deputy in the next term.

  • Former chair of St Peter Port Waste Committee
  • Former chair of St Peter Port Profile Committee
  • Member of St Peter Port Townie Committee



Until the next set of States accounts are produced, we will not know how much the Covid pandemic has hurt our economy. We will have to assume that it is not going to be good and recovery will take a long time.

The next States must look to cut costs and only spend on what is absolutely necessary and not nice to haves.

We must also look at public sector costs, if savings can be made it is important that we make them.

I would not seek to impose any more direct or indirect taxes on the taxpayer.

We also need to maintain and repair our infrastructure rather than letting it get into such a state that it requires knocking down and rebuilding.


We have to find a way to allow young people to be able to afford to purchase their own home and also bring down the cost of renting a property. Young families are leaving the island because they cannot afford to live here, we need to stop this and allow couples to be able to raise families. We are losing key skills which we have trained.

I would like to see brown field sites being used for first time buyer homes to be built, which have adequate indoor and outdoor space for a realistic price. The States could use the bond money to do this on a cost plus basis.


I am not a supporter of the one school two site proposals. I attended the Your Schools Your Choice consultation in 2015, the main results were ignored by the Education Committee of the time.

I think we all have to accept that the 11+ has gone, I would support a three school proposal using the current buildings at Les Beaucamps, St Sampson’s High and Les Varendes with a single sixth form centre.

This is the third election I will be standing in and we are still debating schools. A decision must be made and implemented during this term. The longer we leave it, the more damage we are doing to our children’s education.


Despite many misgivings the kerbside recycling system is working well, we should build on this success and aim for a higher percentage of waste recycling.

We do have a traffic problem, I would like to see more of a dangling the carrot approach used to tackle this and not a stick.

At the moment, we are just hitting the motorist with costs that are getting ridiculous. It is essential for some people to use their motor vehicles, we should not penalise them for having to do so.

With electric vehicles becoming more popular, the States should look at some kind of incentive for people to make the switch. They also have to look at implementing a fairer way to ensure all road users pay towards the upkeep of our road network.

The States should also practice what they preach, the last purchase of buses were diesel engines. Although the technology is not quite there for electric buses in Guernsey, there are other options that could have been purchased.

To lead by example I would have suggested either a hydrogen fuel cell or LPG powered bus. A bit more expensive but the lower emissions and the effects on our environment would have outweighed this.


I would like Guernsey to be a happy place to live where our young can afford to settle here, afford to buy their own home and raise their own families, this would help Guernsey build its own workforce to replace retirees. We must nurture our own talent to keep the island moving.

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