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Personal Statement

My name is Paul Neuvel. Thank you for your consideration of my manifesto. I am a passionate Guernsey man, fair and realistic in my beliefs. I would like you to consider me to be one of your chosen 38 elected Guernsey Deputies to represent you. I am an independent candidate.

  • The Economy: The Economy is paramount.
  • Education: Educated children make educated decisions for the future.
  • Population and Management Control: A reliable workforce, un-restricted by housing control whatever their employ.
  • Environment: Shift sustainability as insight drives change.
  • Health & Social Services: An enviable health system embracing Healthtech.


The Economy

The economy has to under pin everything that we must stand for and for all of us to prosper as an Island. As we find ourselves in some of the most challenging times we have ever endured in our lifetime (lest we forgot those who suffered during wartime).

Solutions - The economy back on track should be seen as the single most important issue during and post this worldwide pandemic to get our Island home back where we were prior to Covid-19.

This can be addressed through fiscal prudence when budgeting.

Re-assessment of incentives to attract more high net worth individuals to the Island to invest in our Economy successfully.


The education debacle has gone on far too long without a sensible conclusion. It is damaging to the Island and to our children’s long term education and wellbeing.

Solutions - I have forever supported the three school model with a six form college.

A good education is paramount to our children and our children’s children.

We owe it to them. We need to focus on how we can make this economical model work for the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

It is imperative we retain, choice, diversity and competition so we can prepare our youth for adulthood.


I believe the Bailiwick of Guernsey is moving in a positive direction and in accordance with many jurisdictions around the world. In terms of policy moving forward further encouragement should be given to soil regeneration and permaculture. The recent breakdown due to Covid-19 of the supply chains to the Islands from food to goods and services has proved how vulnerable The Bailiwick of Guernsey can be. These issues need to be strongly addressed.

Solutions - We must become a much more self-efficient and self-reliant community in terms of Horticulture and Agriculture.

Me must shift sustainability as insight drives change. An environmentally green aware community considers more than just profits.

Health & Social Services

This area is a hugely important part of all our lives, it affects us all at one stage or another.

The regeneration of the PEH. This has shown foresight and vision in that sector and forward planning in what Island residents future needs are.

However as Covid-19 has proven just how important our nurses and carers are, we must not be complacent.

Solutions - We must seek to reduce the cost of access to medical services particularly for low to middle earners, and the more vulnerable of our elderly.

A health system that is affordable and accessible to all not just those on medical schemes.

An enviable health system embracing Healthtech or digital health.

We must pay our nurses and carers in accordance with what is commensurate in proportion with age and experience. This is our moral duty.

First and foremost.

Development and Planning

As the PEH redevelopment showed foresight more recently, we now need to apply this vision into the redevelopment of the East Coast of Guernsey.

Now is exactly the right time to re-develop.

Solutions - The former Idlerocks Hotel and St Martins Country Hotel should both have been redeveloped by now. Either as hotel stock or private development. Otherwise Government itself should take steps to penalise long term delays whether those long term delays are caused by owners, planners, developers, or Government itself.

We have to think about how we are going to revitalise and rejuvenate our high street and shops in St Peter Port as we must not lose this to online shopping.

Population and Management Control

The population management changes made in 2017, since amended were not fully considered by the then presiding committee, without consultation to the relevant sectors. It is vital how we live, who we are allowed to live with, and where we live.

Solutions - Local Market Housing: I truly believe that if you were born on Guernsey you have a right to live here without being tied to a relatives licence.

Open Market Housing: A number of the rights to the Open Market residents have been eroded to their detriment and should be restored.

The right to employ and the right to the amount of people to live in your house should be your right of choice.

Our Open Market residents historically have invested and continue to contribute so much to the enhancement of the Guernsey way of life, in terms of employment provided and infrastructure investment.

Tourism and Hospitality

Poor travel connections, expensive staff licence fees, population and management control have impeded the growth of this sector.

Solutions - Connectivity to the Island is paramount.

Hotel bed stock – attracting visitors, we currently cannot accommodate the numbers we are targeting to attract. Grant and Funding support must be offered to this sector to incentivise them to save an industry heading for collapse.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown Guernsey as a safe beacon of light so we must capitalise on this immediately!

I hope that you are like minded in thinking and will honour me with your vote in this election. Thank you.

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