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Peter Roffey
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Personal Statement

My CV ranges from Senior Broadcast Journalist with the BBC to leading one of the islands’ largest and most successful commercial businesses. I’ve had many unusual life experiences from being trapped inside Iran’s Islamic Revolution to being badly injured in the Boxing Day tsunami. So I’m a well-rounded individual - in more ways than one - and really want to help tackle some of the huge challenges Guernsey is facing.

  • Independent & Moderate – bridge building not indulgent, destructive point scoring.
  • Experienced – but never regarded politics as a career. Lots of commercial and life experience too.
  • Caring – Always put those most vulnerable first. For example my campaign for access to modern medicines for sick islanders.
  • Green – Environmentalist for many decades, even before it was fashionable.
  • Decisive – I promise to research, use my best judgement and then act, not dither.


Former Bailiff, Sir de Vic Carey - “I have watched Peter in the States over many years and he has given tremendous value to the electorate, both in exercising difficult committee presidencies and in responding effectively to issues which really concern voters. He is young at heart and has lots more to offer the island. We simply cannot afford to lose his abilities at this difficult time in Guernsey’s history”.

MODERATION - What does it mean? “Moderation in all things” may sound a bit like something your old gran might have said but it is also not a bad credo for politics. I really worry that Guernsey politics is being polarised and as a result could swing between extremes. Something our consensual, non-party system has traditionally helped to avoid.

A good example is the growing divide over fiscal policy. Some deputies advocate no tax increases, ever, and ultra-small government. With an aging population, a more complex world, and new medical treatments becoming available, this is an impossible stance without causing structural damage to our public services with the most vulnerable suffering the most.

Equally daft is the idea that we can match the services provided by governments in countries with much greater economies of scale and tax systems very different to our own. It would require a huge hike in taxation which would destroy our competitiveness and ruin our economy. A middle path is essential.

CARING - I make no apology for taking a particular interest in the more vulnerable sections of our community such as the elderly, those on low incomes, or people who are ill or who have disabilities. In the last term I was shocked at the harsh way the States treated pensioners and did my very best to fight against those policies. If re-elected I pledge to give 100% to helping pensioners on low incomes. They made Guernsey what it is today and deserve proper consideration. I also led an initiative aimed at helping those impacted by ‘in-work poverty’. These are hardworking islanders who still find it impossible to afford many of the things which most of us take for granted. It was like pushing a stone uphill at times but I will keep at it.

CAMPAIGNING - Over the past 4 years I have fought, and won, a significant battle against the shocking situation where seriously ill Guernsey people were being denied the medicines freely available to patients with the same conditions in the UK, Jersey and the Isle of Man. I have also been a member of the ESS committee which brought forward anti-discrimination legislation in the face of persistent opposition. I have proven my commitment to vulnerable groups through actions not words.

GREEN - Some people seem to regard caring about our environment as a matter for derision and abuse. I don’t begin to understand why. Robust debate over environmental issues is valid but surely we should all care about the planet which supports us as a species? I make no apology for believing the vast majority of scientists who are clear that human activity is helping to drive climate change. Guernsey must do its bit in a global effort to turn this around. Our small size is no excuse for inaction.

Some good things are already happening. I am pleased that more people are cycling, catching the bus or opting for electric vehicles. I want to see this continue as well as better insulated homes and more renewable energy, both imported and generated on-island. The States have to take a greater lead in encouraging and facilitating ‘green behaviour’. This is no 11th hour conversion for me. I was a member of the ‘Ecology Party’ 40 years ago.

DECISIVE - One of the curses of modern politics is too many deputies being scared to make decisions for fear of upsetting anybody. I do like to listen and research before acting but then I believe in acting decisively. A deputy’s job is to use his/her judgement and to act in what they see as the best interests of Guernsey. Not to spin like a weather vane.

Throughout my time in politics I have shown the ability to act decisively. Three examples. 1. As health president I pushed through the smoking ban in enclosed public places well before the UK or Jersey. 2. As agriculture president I took immediate and vigorous measures to protect Guernsey from the very real threat from the devastating Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK and Europe. 3. I strongly supported the buying of Aurigny at very short notice. This was undoubtedly the right decision and remains so today.

Stuart Falla MBE – leading island businessman and former Commerce & Employment Minister. “Peter has a pragmatic approach to politics. He may seem more interested in the social welfare side of politics but he has always accepted that you ignore the economy at your peril. He often said to me that the States can only spend the money which it brings in and I trust him more than others to spend that money wisely”.

FINALLY – This manifesto is rather shorter than I would have liked [longer version on line] but please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all about my stance on other issues. Tel 238435 or email I am also trying my best to visit as many homes as possible to talk directly to islanders.

Warm Regards

Peter Roffey

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