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Personal Statement

I’m a creative, born and educated in Guernsey, I produce a bi-monthly art magazine that addresses social and environmental issues, as well as marketing designs. I graduated from Chelsea College of Arts with a BA (1st class honours). In recent years I have worked at the Eden Project, travelled and undertaken community projects. I believe in listening, learning and engaging, so everyone can have a say in our island’s future.

  • Environmental action
  • Health and housing
  • Education focused on student needs and wellbeing
  • Freedom of information law


I have no political affiliation, I believe we can, and must, move towards a better society. All my policy decisions will be centred around health, wellbeing, environment and regenerative economic growth.

I am standing for election because I think there is a place for greater creativity and inclusivity within our government. I feel strongly that there is a need for deputies to focus on innovative solutions and better public engagement to meet the long term needs of islanders.

This is an indication of the range of initiatives that I will support:

  • Champion green ventures with environmental, social and economic benefits
  • Encourage a shift from models of ownership to user-ship, such as cycle sharing platforms and neighbourhood libraries for tools and equipment.
  • Building resilience into local food supplies, investing in community growing projects.
  • Nurses need better pay. Investing in our nurses and carers invests in our own health.
  • Support taking forward the anti-Discrimination Legislation
  • Build a world class system of education with the child at the centre, supporting a model of education centred around wellbeing.
  • Reduce the many costly off-island consultations on local issues: what we need is more Islanders involved in decision making, not on the sidelines. Invest in local research capabilities.
  • Measure what matters; rethink how we determine our success and our failures.
  • Make politics more accessible, build more informal open forums for debate on local issues.
  • A Freedom of information law to create a meaningful sense of accountability in our government.
  • Listen to the housing needs of first time buyers, explore creative solutions in space allocation, building materials and design. Creating green interventions for new developments, eg. require all new homes suitably located to install solar panels.
  • ‘the elephant in the road’ - I like elephants, I dislike giant cars clogging up our beautiful streets. Some cars are just not designed for our island, we need to challenge Guernsey’s unhealthy drive everywhere culture.
  • An intelligent mobility solution that is driven by community involvement and consideration for other islanders should take centre stage. Buses and bikes are key.

If elected, I intend to be an independent voice of reason, I will say it how it is, be unafraid to stand up for islanders and pursue positive consensual change.

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