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Personal Statement

Dear Guernsey Voter, if you are reading this manifesto in alphabetical order, I am humbled you have reached the letter ‘S’ because this is me, Richard John Skipper, a 55 year old proud Father, of a grown up daughter and two grown up sons, all born and educated in Guernsey. I have enjoyed the community life on the Island of Guernsey for 33 years, having worked predominantly within hospitality and retail sectors. I have devoted much of my spare time to the local volleyball scene, as well as organising numerous charitable events supporting the local needs of people. It’s that word COMMUNITY that I really want to focus my manifesto on, in the hope that you will see that my desire is for ME, TO REPRESENT YOU, in our States . To be honest, writing a manifesto has been difficult, but I have sought to reflect on conversations held with people from many sections of the community - in Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Finance and of course – you, the tax paying general population

  • In touch with the Community!
  • Inclusion for All!
  • Collaboration in decision making!
  • Sustaining and building for all our futures!
  • Create an environment to prosper


DECISION MAKING! Any Government needs to be decisive. The current States have freely admitted on many occasions that the current decision making process takes far too long, costing more time, using costly out of Island consultants, delaying and redrafting amendments. I would with others, seek to establish a more joined up, collaborative approach to making important decisions,
for the benefit of all.

COMMUNITY MATTERS! Guernsey is unique! The Island has been resilient on many occasions in our history, and this has never been more evident than during the global pandemic whereby all our resources were and still are, being severely tested. This experience affected our community in so many different ways and for some still does - unemployment, loss or reduction of earnings which have, for some, put pressure on family life and relationships.

It is so important to have a voice for the Community within the States Assembly, so that no-one is left behind. Even as you read this Manifesto, many of our Guernsey hoteliers are seeking daily to sustain their own businesses for the future of our much-needed tourism industry.

EDUCATION MATTERS! Having spoken to teachers and parents alike, the need for the current pause and review of the school models proposed is essential to current and future pupils. Consulting those who will be affected by any major changes is so vital, together with major consideration of the logistics required for the sheer number who will be affected.

OUR HOUSING MATTERS! The average house price on Guernsey is £450,000. This is quite some challenge for many to achieve. Again, joined up thinking with multiple agencies is required. The Guernsey Housing Association
is an example of this.

OUR ENVIRONMENT MATTERS! Over the last 2 years, our waste strategy has produced a remarkable transformation -particularly in our recycling efforts - again an example of Community co-operation. We cannot, however, ignore the real threat of global warming and pollution. I pledge to commit myself to work alongside the experts within our community and States departments to bring a more ‘together’, cohesive approach.

OUR HEALTH MATTERS! We often hear, from within the States Chamber, the words `ageing population’- a generation we owe so much to, that must not be forgotten nor indeed penalised. The availability of affordable Nursing Homes needs to be prioritised. The same can be said for the essential continuation of care within our community, supporting those who care for our family members and those outside of our families.

LAW & ORDER MATTERS! A more open dialogue between our protection on the streets and the community would be beneficial to all, and, as a priority foot patrols, which would present a reassuring visibility and, I believe, a safer community. Coupled with this, an enhanced relationship with our liquor licence holders, in turn could tackle the evident rise in anti-social behaviour.

OUR RELATIONSHIPS MATTER! One of our fundamental core values, sources of employment and income is our opportunity, as an Island, to be trusted. To have a secure international financial centre of excellence - recognised globally. We need this, and must continue to keep our focus on sustaining and growing this industry for the benefit of all, in an open, transparent and compliant way.

TOURISM MATTERS! There is no doubt that we have a special, historic and beautiful product - it is called Guernsey, or, as in Victor Hugo’s words `the rock of hospitality and freedom’. Stunning beaches, scenic cliff paths, wonderful people and some fantastic accommodation to welcome both new guests and those returning many year after year. We must ensure that we have twenty-first century housing regulations to ensure we can attract, and keep, quality personnel within this sector, thus not creating even more barriers for folk from across the globe to live and work here. We must ensure our guest workers are made to feel that they are a valued part of our community.


Coffee & Chat

  • Thurs 10 Sept

11am – Noon, Longfrie Inn, St. Peters
(step-free access available)

4pm – 5pm Captain’s Hotel (Top Bar),
St. Martin’s

  • Mon 28 Sept

11am – Noon, Front Lounge, Thomas De La Rue, SPP (step-free access available)

  • Thurs 1 Oct

11am – Noon, The Driftwood Inn, Perelle Bay, St. Saviour’s (step-free access available)

  • Mon 5 October

11am – Noon, The Plough Inn, Vauvert, SPP

I would be happy to meet you, or chat with you via email or over a phone call, if the above dates/venues are not convenient. Please feel free to email me: [email protected] or call on 07781 152121. You can also find me on Twitter @richard_skip.

Thank you.

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