• Parish St Pierre du Bois
  • Experience New Candidate
  • Party The Guernsey Party
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Personal Statement

Hi, my name is Rick Lowe. Unusually, I’m starting this manifesto by sharing views that others have regarding my candidacy. Full testimonials can be viewed on my website along with my full personal manifesto which is essentially a call for: -Disruption -Change -Fresh Blood -New Determination to achieve policy objectives in a timely manner

  • We need to invest in infrastructure and consider the benefits of government/private Partnerships.
  • We need to reduce cost of Government.
  • We need to be proactive in securing our future sustainability as an independent jurisdiction.
  • We need to simplify and streamline planning, procurement, central HR, and reduce bureaucracy and petty regulation.
  • We need to be better.



I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Rick for the past 3 years, during which time he has volunteered his time and expertise to assist staff at Health and Social Care develop and implement a raft of engagement and improvement initiatives. Knowledgeable and informed regarding diverse local issues, Rick has been a proactive community partner offering unwavering support in the co-creation of user centric services. He has been generous in his willingness to share both his time and insights from his extensive business experience for which we have been extremely grateful and seen tangible benefits.

(Dr. Rachel Norman, Section Head Of Cellular Pathology)

As I have worked with Rick my admiration for him has grown. He is someone who really cares for our community. He has a very wide range of contacts personally and on social media and knows what is going on. He listens carefully and is able to balance opposing points of view. He is measured in his thinking and considers all angles before speaking out which is important because he does speak out quite a lot. When he speaks out he speaks the truth as he sees it. He is not afraid of authority or difficult or sensitive issues and he is certainly prepared to fight for the more vulnerable members of society.

I think as a politician he would serve the Island well. He would be informed, focused, sensitive, strong, resolute and fearless.

He has my vote.

(Roger Allsopp OBE FRCS LLM. Chairman, CareWatch)

Rick’s background in senior management in blue chip multinationals in Australia, where he trained and mentored others extensively in management skills, place him in an ideal position to play a major role in helping to oversee the much-needed and long-overdue reform of the public sector from the political perspective.

Rick would undoubtedly be a major asset to the Assembly and to the wider machinery of Guernsey’s government.

(David Piesing, FCIS, Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited)

The next Assembly will be challenged by many issues that will have a profound influence on the Guernsey way of life. Rick brings with him a toolbox of local knowledge balanced by worldly experience and highly developed commercial acumen and skills that he will bring to bear on Assembly deliberations to ensure the right and sensible decisions are made. In addition, he is also a ‘great bloke’ who relates to people of all backgrounds. I can’t think of a better candidate for the next States of Guernsey Assembly.

(Dr Srechko Kontelj OAM)

Core Policies

My policy position aligns with that of The Guernsey Party, of which I’m proud to be a founding member. The core Party policies which most interest me are Economic Policy, Education and Health.

Economic Policy

  • Aim for no tax increases during the next term, no GST, maintain low taxation to be internationally competitive.
  • Deliver promised public sector efficiency savings without cutting frontline services.
  • Aspire to reduce tax rate for the lower/middle tier taxpayer to 15% in medium term.


  • 3 x 11/16 schools with 1 x 6th Form College on one site.
  • Progressive, means-tested States scholarships for the Colleges at 11,12 and 13 (with entrance exams to be set by the Colleges).
  • 3 schools to run with more independence and boards of governors, reducing need for central control and associated cost.
  • Support creation of the Institute.
  • Develop re-skill programme for the unemployed and indentured apprenticeships for 16+.


  • Resolve nursing staff pay dispute including terms and conditions (in conjunction with policy housing and work permits). Reduce staff turnover – develop nursing as a rewarding, affordable career choice for islanders with on-island training.
  • Improve MRI and CT equipment quality and availability and develop a wider, integrated population screening strategy for early detection of disease.
  • Renegotiate the reciprocal health agreement with the UK.
  • Review all principle health service contracts and review how specialist care is contracted off-island.
  • Commence strategic planning for the need to increase space for care for the elderly.

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