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Rob Gibson
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Personal Statement

Hello my name is Rob Gibson, I am 45. I am not affiliated with any party/parties. I live in St Sampson’s. I am married to Shelley and have a dog named Caesar. I don’t have any experience of being a deputy, but I am hoping you will help me, and maybe stop the destructive behaviour of previous governments. I have chosen to stand as peoples deputy because I could not stand by any longer and watch the island suffer financially year after year, coupled with indecisions and can kickery. I have to thank Tabatha Dowinton and Richard Moulin for their nominations. The following items are of interest to me and I would like to make a change for the better.

  • Cannabis legalisation
  • Poverty in work
  • Renewable sustainable energy / growing
  • Education


Where do I start? I would like to say this decision hasn’t come easy to stand for people’s deputy. In fact, I should give my head a wobble not that I expect to get voted in. I think I’m with a lot of people when I say since the day deputies started getting paid the attitudes have changed and mostly not for the better. Change for the sake of change and lack of real maintenance programmes for our island home.

When the population have to vocally say “Enough is Enough” and have to protest on a Sunday on more than one occasion then there is something seriously wrong isn’t there?

The first issue is of quite importance to myself and many islanders. The issue of legalising cannabis for recreational purposes. Apparently, it is legal medically, however try getting it for chronic pain and all you find is a wall of bureaucratic nonsense with an apparent costing of 2k per month!

This isn’t just about recreational use it’s about the huge diverse economy it can become, I know some may be sceptical and rightly so after all the government and courts have done nothing to alleviate the criminalisation or education of it.

You may read many candidates say we should debate this issue or I don’t know enough about it to make an informed decision, but you are happy that people’s life’s are destroyed because the archaic laws that’s ok with you? You have never thought to look into the subject? This is just the kind of hypocrisy the island suffers from on a daily basis and it need to change. Imprisonment leads to nothing but resent.

With over 25000 products that can be made from hemp / cannabis that are known at this time isn’t that diversity? Coupled with the fact the island has so much greenhouse glass still upright, it would be foolish not to utilise the glass to create jobs. A product that can give so much shouldn’t just be debated but implemented immediately The tax that could be generated is quite substantial.

Poverty in work

This shouldn’t even be possible locally but it is. Can you remember how the food welfare struggled to help during lockdown then started running out of funds Did the government help?

Nurses pay

This should not even be up for debate. The government all clapped for carers during lockdown but refused to pay them their worth. These things aren’t hard to solve but the last government seemed to refuse to help those they expect to help!

Education - we all know this is a huge mistake and will take some serious thinking to resolve. Personally I didn’t think anything was wrong with selection. That’s is my opinion, but the one thing that must be the first thing to tackle is how did one person go so far, spend so very much and mess up the whole education system? This is why this kind of power need to be removed from the States Assembly. We have seen time and time again a deputy go off on a crusade / tangent and cost the tax payer considerably. Bearing this in mind, the right to recall must become active and all deputies and civil servants held to account not by a government controlled scrutiny department but by the public.

Renewable energy

Isn’t it about time we looked into solar, wind tidal power? We are in the perfect place for it. Government grants for new builds for solar energy. Its all really simple common sense isn’t it?

I also would make all Duty /TRP/ Rates frozen for the next four years, at the same time reduce Deputies’ pay to a maximum of £30k across the board then we would see who really wants to represent the island’s needs! And look at the top civil service earners’ wages also needs to happen. Who actually needs to earn 160k+? The wages have gotten out of control and are not realistic for such a small island.

The island is in quite a lot of debt at the moment approx. £500+m. A lot of Deputies will say “let’s invest, let’s spend, spend, spend.” Let’s slow this down and take stock of what we have before embarking on a spending spree. Yes, we do need infrastructure. The use of local contractors is essential. How much have we sent off island for Reviews / consultants?

If you think what I say is a common-sense approach please consider a vote. Just remember if you vote for me, I will hold each and every one of the other Deputies to account!

Thank you for your time

Rob x

Ala perchoine mon vi

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