Rosie Henderson

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  • Parish St Peter Port
  • Experience New Candidate
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Personal Statement

The 2016 - Present States of Guernsey has been notable only for its inaction that is why I will not be voting for any member of an association, party or club because the whole of the last term was hampered by over-riding egos and political games. It has got to STOP. The next States must see all the information, decide on a plan going forward and oversee the fulfillment of that plan. I am standing for Deputy because I have many of the talents which would be useful both to the people of Guernsey but also to the States of Guernsey. I have a quick mind and am thoroughly tenacious. I have also a keen sense of duty and believe that those of us who have been fortunate enough to have a good education, to have experienced life in other countries and enjoy good health should pay back to a society that has given us so much.

  • 2015 Elected St Peter Port Douzenier
  • 2016 Worked in Douzaine Floral Committee
  • 2017 Chairman Floral Committee – entered BIB Champion of Champions with help from Community Services, Art of Living and many others
  • 2018 Clameur de Haro – Cried Clameur against a land grab and narrowing of arterial road
  • 2019 Elected St Peter Port Douzenier - Town Lighting charges, Waste charges, Floral charges and legitimacy of book keeping and accountancy


  • Aurigny: The airline is owned by Guernsey, it should be protected and used as the valuable commodity it is. Guernsey has a duty to Alderney which must be respected. Alderney should be split off from the P&L and all other routes should be at breakeven or profit.
  • Cannabis: I am strongly of the opinion that the possession of small quantities should be decriminalised.
  • Development and Planning: The States set the parameters for planning, more consideration should be given to the number of houses extant on a road, including new developments with planning permission. Further the available amenities such as schools, electricity, water must be explored. Common sense should be applied.
  • Education:The most important subject for the next States. Children, parents & teachers need to know what the future looks like. For me it is 3 schools plus one 6th form college.
  • Social Security:It is not acceptable that employed people should have to depend on Government to supply sufficient money for their survival.
  • Taxation and Loans:I believe that any balance of borrowed money not expended should be returned to diminish the loans. New taxes will have to be considered, or extending tax limits. If involved with fiscal matters I would want to re-organise the methods of cross charging so actual costs are seen and are not inflated by profit margins.
  • States’ papers:Prior to approval all paperwork should be in plain English. The amount of jargon and legalese is hard to read, overly long and does not improve any understanding.

If you would like to talk about any of the subjects above and my opinions please call me, my personal mobile number is 07839 746878. Home number 711116.

If I am honoured with your vote I promise that I will try to help whatever problem you may have – any-one – any problem – anywhere within the Bailiwick. I can’t and won’t promise anything else, I hope to be 1 of 38 and much will depend on the other 37. I will always, however, listen and I will always do my best.

Answers to questions proposed by the public:

I live in St Peter Port but have interests in the Vale, St Peters and Castel. Will you be looking at Island Wide issues or more so in your Parish of residence?

I think Island Wide voting could bring even less localised commitment. I've been on the St Peter Port Douzaine for a little less than 5 years, Deputies have been invited to all meetings. The number of Deputies attending has been very low in some cases some Deputies have never appeared. I think that this is a disgrace. I will continue to serve on the Douzaine, continue to fight the Douzaine in service of the People. I fear there are Deputies that will use the disconnect to ignore the people.

Do you believe that diversification of the island's tax base is an important consideration for Guernsey in today's volatile and fast-moving global economy? If so, how can this specifically be achieved for Guernsey?

Yes by using imaginative thinking coupled with common sense.

I believe Guernsey needs a vision; a forward-thinking concept for the future of the island’s infrastructure, community wellbeing and economy. What’s yours?

I detest the word "Vision" it is usually used as an excuse for badly planned, expensive and dangerous feats of the imagination. I want a Guernsey with a thriving, beautiful town with plenty of parking.

A significant proportion of the concerns about the two college model of secondary education related to the capital costs and space standards: they could have been addressed with higher spending. Would you be prepared to spend more money on the future model of secondary education than previously agreed by the States in September 2019? If so, how much more?

No I do not agree with the model Education put before the States of Guernsey, therefore the amount of money already allocated is more than sufficient to do necessary repairs to existing premises. I cannot agree to excessive spending just because we have the money or the allocation.

Increasing home working will likely result in surplus office space. Will you encourage an urgent revision of Planning Policies to facilitate conversion of retail and office space to residential & curb green-field development?

No - quite the reverse I would like homeworking discouraged and office working again be the norm. Better for the whole economy and psychologically better for the individual

I have one question for sitting Deputies and one for new candidates. Deputies:- what, in your mind, was your greatest political achievement in the last four years? New candidates:- What is your biggest political goal in the next four years?

Set a goal, research, present and be prepared to start immediately. If a plan is uncosted and not analysed for completion it should not be presented

Would you support changes in the law to make cannabis for personal use legal?

Not legalised but decriminalised. I see too many young people with lives ruined because they've been silly.

Question for New Candidates: During the COVID-19 lockdown States Meetings were held virtually. On 24th of June Meetings resumed in the Royal Court Chamber. As a prospective States Member have you spent any time at all in the public gallery observing our Parliament (potentially your future workplace) in action? If not, why not?

Yes I have and some of what I've seen has led me to standing for election. There is too much self aggrandisement in the Chamber and too little acknowledge of the people's needs.

This is a question for new candidates; do you agree with the principle of scrutiny of government and if so how would you ensure that it was fairly carried out ?

I would give Scrutiny teeth - we were promised this but it hasn't happened.

Considering the mounting public pressure against the way our current justice system deals with cannabis offences, what is your stance on the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in Guernsey?

Decriminalization is the way I would go

In a review last year into drugs and treatments and States debate in January, HSC acknowledged that the disparity between life changing NICE TA drugs available in Guernsey compared to the NHS had become too great to be justified, with nearly 4000 patients now on sub-optimal treatments. The Guernsey Health Reserve was identified as the funding source. HSC announced last week a delay of at least a year to the implementation of this policy. How do you propose to tackle the pace at which change takes place within the States? Should you be held accountable for delivering on commitments you make individually, as a committee or collectively as the States?

This is a question which however one answers one will be wrong to someone. I have a strong belief in individual honour, responsibility and service. Not everybody does. Many think a Deputy's duty is to abide by the decisions of a "team". The problem of the "team" is that their decisions may not agree with your own principals. I have to go with honour, responsibility and service to others.

Earlier this year, the States passed the introduction of life-saving and life-changing NICE-Approved drugs & medicines by a massive 32-1 vote; these drugs are readily available under the NHS and SHS in the UK. HSC have now announced that the implementation of this is now to be delayed by a year or so. Out of all projects the States have on their list - this has to be THE single most important one because it will affect up to 4,000+ residents of our island. How do you intend to bring forward the delay of this incredibly important topic to a much quicker implementation date?

This is a question which however one answers one will be wrong to someone. I have a strong belief in individual honour, responsibility and service. Not everybody does. Many think a Deputy's duty is to abide by the decisions of a "team". The problem of the "team" is that their decisions may not agree with your own principals. I have to go with honour, responsibility and service to others.

The recent Frontier report on the runway extension summed up that "the economic benefits of extending the runway are likely to outweigh the costs" with net benefits over 40 years of up to £687m (over £20k per household). Post COVID, do you support continued investigation into the potential for a runway extension to improve Guernsey's infrastructure, air links, and sustain the visitor economy?


Have you been made aware that every report that the SOG has commissioned for 20 years has flagged the need to extend the runway to circa 1700m+ and the commercial benefits it will bring for the island as a whole?

I need to see the evidence and know the source of that evidence.

Brexit presents a unique opportunity for Guernsey to strengthen its ties with other Commonwealth countries and stand on its own two feet on an international scale. Would you be willing to make an effort to strengthen our diplomatic ties to countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada?


What criteria do you use for decision making?

Logic and common sense

In the last two years two pieces of legislation have come to the States which specifically target the most vulnerable members of our society - euthanasia and abortion - where a person’s fundamental and basic right to life is overridden in the name of lesser rights. Do you believe that disposing of a person’s life is a sign of progress? Do you believe that failing to protect human life at any age or stage of development is the mark of a civilised and enlightened and caring society?


It is beyond time to invest in our people, infrastructure and public services. Do you plan to make the island's tax system more fair and progressive, so that more businesses and the wealthy pay a fairer share?


Please list in order of importance: - driving Guernsey’s economy - addressing social needs - protecting the environment - invest in Guernsey’s infrastructure and improve - sort out the schools - focus on air and sea links - extend the runway - implement revive and thrive as a priority - open our closed borders as a priority - reduce states expenditure

Schools first then take a breath - Investigate, look at evidence, apply Common Sense - convince - act and go to the next subject

As we subsidise the airline, should Aurigny have a monopoly over all air routes to and from the Bailiwick, with a regulator to ensure fair pricing and a policy of not for profit?

Yes and no - I would need to see actual figures and talk to Aurigney. We are duty bound to support Alderney and so I would split off that income stream. When talking to Aurigney I would suggest the Guernsey to Jersey route and ask whether this would be profitable as it used to be. Guernsey Gatwick must be maintained and research the viability of other routes. If unprofitable and cannot be made profitable then it must be stopped. Aurigney must be commercially viable with the exception of life-line routes such as Alderney

Do you support developing end of life care (including palliative care) or would you look to introduce a form of euthanasia as in assisted dying (assisted suicide)?

Another emotive subject - I do not like euthanasia from the point of view that someone has to ignore their training and their own beliefs and ethics. There are too many nurses and doctors forced to do things which go against their own ethics, until this is resolved I could not support it.

Education - Do you know what T levels are and if you do, would you be enthusiastically demanding that they are available here in Guernsey?

No and no - if elected however I would find out

What will you do to help Guernsey businesses revive and thrive and make Guernsey a 'smarter' and technologically advanced place to do business, and to encourage new start up businesses?

For a start internet speeds and connectivity must be explored. Again the States of Guernsey cannot be seen to be a bottomless pit of money

There is a lack of mental health support available - particularly to those who seem to fall into the apparent gap between the secondary and primary mental health services. What will you do to address this?

I suffer from Depression myself and have had a lot of support from Castel and then Oberlands. I am obviously aware of the problems - I believe that much more could be achieved by consulting the grass roots of services

How would you as a deputy ensure emotive proposals such as, change to abortion law or assisted dying law would be publicly debated? And allow Islanders to have more of a say in these emotive issues.

We cannot have referendum every 5 minutes, but we can acknowledge demonstrations and talk more with the people. We should be using the Douzaines more to organize drop ins with the public

What is your position on the opportunity to debate the abortion issue more openly and fairly with more balanced representations to the Deputies?

I'm all for informed debate.

How do you see the way forward for secondary education in the island? Do you favour a particular model and if so which one?

I believe that this is the single most important decision that needs to be reconciled and acted upon. I want at least 3 schools + 1 sixth form college and I want it decided and started as a priority.

Recognising the importance of our natural environment and our hospitality industry how would you propose to move forward essential repairs and any development at St Peter Port harbour, securing access to our beaches (e.g. Petit Port, Divette, Soldiers bay), the maintenance of our cliff paths and the important access from the bathing places to the Clarence battery? Does this essential maintenance take priority over the development of the East Coast/Town seafront?

As with so many things there is no easy answer. It comes down to how much does it cost and what can we afford. I believe we must "cut our coat according to our cloth"

What are your views about the proposed way forward with regard to Probate, recognising that the age-old system has been efficient, pastoral, and inexpensive? Are you of the view "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?


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