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Personal Statement

I am a family man aged 42, who was brought up in States housing and attended secondary school. Through hard work and determination, I now own my home and run a small successful business supplying labour to industry. I have experience and insight into the issues facing ordinary working people and small businesses. Available to chat at Saumarez Park cafe every day at 10 am Mon-Sun until election. I will wait for 30 mins, call me if you’re on your way and I’ll wait. If you want to meet somewhere else, just call me.

  • Enable & nurture local entrepreneurs to boost economy
  • Listen to local knowledge & skills before off island consultant
  • Relax bureaucratic restrictions preventing diversification
  • Make decisions fair, simple, affordable and common sense
  • Guernsey to be able to offer all children of all backgrounds a great education and a prosperous future


Small Businesses

Local businesses constantly struggle with problems of staffing, finding suitable premises and ever-increasing rent costs. We also have no effective checks on visiting trades-people who work on Island for a few months under the radar so they pay no contributions. I would like to see a compulsory and enforceable registration system for visiting traders to protect the local economy.

Release derelict/unused sites such as vineries for the creation of new business premises. Relaxation of planning restrictions to allow businesses to invest in themselves. Ethos should be enable & nurture all industries, not just a few.

Green finance recently had a grant of £500,000 to promote themselves. There could also be funding for advertising and training for small business owners.

Job seekers

Develop a greater pool of on-Island skills and reduce unemployment through:

  • Better training opportunities for the unemployed.
  • Better careers advice and training opportunities for non-academic school leavers.
  • Help for single parents with young children who wish to return to employment in the form of providing help with child care and further/higher education.
  • Review the ineffective Kick Starter scheme and replace it with one that does not allow employers to use the system for cheap labour by dismissing without good reason those on the scheme when the States subsidy ends after 13 weeks.


As a father of a 3-year-old I am determined to push for the very best inclusive education system. In 2016 more than 70% of 445 state school teachers voted to remove selection at 11. Deputies subsequently voted to remove the 11-plus exams for selection in Guernsey schools and move towards an inclusive system for secondary education. We are now 4 years on from this decision, that is one entire States assembly period, and still there is no firm plan on the future for education. This is totally unacceptable and has left a significant proportion of pupils in a state of limbo.

There is a review underway in to different acceptable models that campaigning stakeholders have called for.

It has to incorporate the views of parents and teachers.

The outcome of the review should be implemented without any further delay with the aim of a new system in place as soon as practically possible.

This can’t be let to drag on and be an election issue again in 2024. We have to progress!


There should be more discretion on custodial sentences for non-serious crimes. We should look at:

  • The use of electronic-tagging combined with a curfew.
  • More community service including those who wear electronic tags to help maintain our environment, like our cliff paths.
  • Work skills training of offenders through the electronic tagging and community service schemes.

Care costs

If extra care costs are required everyone should be asked to contribute equally. We should not single out home owners as the answer to funding problems. It is an issue that needs looking at but within the wider context of our entire tax structure and how we meet the demands for future infrastructure and services.


Guernsey has some lovely scenery that we use to advertise the Island but lots of it is not accessible for those with mobility issues, this needs addressing. Places that most of us take for granted, beaches, cliffs, coastal paths and even the cobbles on the High street. Working closer with the different lobby and charity groups we can work toward making our island more accessible.


As a business owner Goods and Service Tax (GST) add another layer of administration and costs. It would also add to the administrative costs for the States of Guernsey. In addition, it will hurt lower earners more, pushing them into in-work poverty. While certain limits could be set to help lower earners and small businesses, once the tax is established it becomes very easy to increase over time and include more items to be taxed. Before even considering GST we should have a thorough and independent review of our current taxation system.

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