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Personal Statement

My character, life skills and experiences stand me in good stead for being a forward-thinking and solution-based deputy. I am very practical with an affinity for fixing things and problem-solving. I have excellent leadership skills and believe in teamwork. I seek to optimise efficiency, being innovative and always ready to listen. I am committed to seeing Guernsey thrive and building a true community.

  • Guernsey: I am 35, local, educated in Guernsey and the UK.
  • Career: Worked in IT, as yacht captain and marine engineer.
  • Qualification: F. Degree in Marine Engineering with distinction.
  • Decisiveness: Commercial yacht captain responsible for crew and passengers.
  • Business: BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.



I aim to apply my pragmatic and innovative way of thinking to how we move forward in a way that will enable us to support our Island through the possibly tough years to come. We need to be economically active, vibrant and diverse, whilst also being caring and responsible.

There is no quick solution to economic diversity and growth. We have the opportunity and responsibility to invest in the long-term future of the Island with new and bold ideas that will eventually grow the economy and increase our resilience. We must not however ignore the finance industry (our primary revenue sector) and its future needs.

I would like to champion this type of economic diversity and transformation by:

  1. Pushing for transformation of our high-street to a more activity-based and community-centric vision to fill unused buildings by reducing red-tape for change of use, offering incentives and support.
  2. Improving skills base and career opportunities for our Islanders.
  3. I would seek to introduce a light touch regulatory framework to encourage expansion in the finance sector.
  4. Encouraging start-up businesses and diversity by giving tax incentives/support in the set-up period.
  5. Proposing NO changes are made to taxes before ensuring that we have re-visited all possible solutions to avoid additional taxation.
  6. Creating employment opportunities for our islanders and encourage returning to Guernsey after higher education.


I believe that major investment is critically required at this time. Not enough has been spent wisely in the past to achieve optimal growth in terms of capital investment. I would support investment in capital projects to boost the economy, cater for the Island’s future education needs, and promote progressive change, whilst balancing budgets and prioritising accordingly. I would:

  1. Vote for the three-school model with a separate sixth form academy. We need to urgently solve the pending issue with the schools. Our children are our future; we have the responsibility to make sure they have the brightest possible future.
  2. Vote for investment into a new, carefully designed Harbour/Sea-front to maximise its potential as an income-producing venture that we can all be proud of (whilst being environmentally responsible and forward-thinking of course).


As a group of islands, we have the responsibility and opportunity to be totally self-sufficient in various ways. I will do my utmost to ensure that we are as efficient, sustainable and green as we can be within the tight constraints that lie ahead, and that money is spent wisely and not wasted. I would:

  1. Seek to empower our community to work towards sustainable, community-led and community-controlled endeavours.
  2. Like to promote a more holistic and progressive approach in government. Every member of our community has the ability (and indeed responsibility) to contribute to society in different ways.
  3. Endorse the policies protecting and nurturing the environment and sustainability in energy, transport and infrastructure whilst focusing on serving Islanders.

Mental Health

The reality is that many of us will suffer from mental illness at some point in our lives. There are many stresses that we all face, and adversely affect us. I am acutely aware of this- my older brother has Asperger’s Syndrome and other mental health disorders. I understand all too well that having a mental health illness takes a huge toll not just on the person but on the whole family. Should I be elected:

  1. I aim to work toward encouraging the community to not only be mindful, but accepting and helpful to those who are in need. As a community, it is important to provide support without judgement as one would being part of a family. I would strive to build and cement relationships within our community by promoting collaboration and charity work.
  2. I would like to see the earlier intervention of the mental health services where it is needed, more community-led support and increased understanding.

Answers to questions proposed by the public:

Most of the detailed work of the States is done in committees, like the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure. What experience do you have of being on a committee and how did you contribute?

Working in engineering you will often have committees- perhaps not in the same formal nature when involved with governance, but groupings of people who work together to solve specific issues.

With unemployment currently running at an all time high, what measures would you like in place to ensure local people are offered jobs before license holders ?

We do currently restrict hiring from outside of Guernsey, perhaps it's not enough. I think the underlying issue is that access to the training in order to upskill islanders to meet the demands of a particular role isn't there. We need to change this. Education is very much a priority.

What concrete measures would you like to see implemented in Guernsey during the next term to achieve net zero carbon by 2050?

To name a few (for which there are many more) - Commit to ban single-use plastic. Restriction on new buildings on greenfield sites only if essential. Legislate that new buildings must have a minimum % renewable power source or much increased energy efficiency rating. Increased limits on vehicle emissions. Commit to change by at least 2040.

I live in St Peter Port but have interests in the Vale, St Peters and Castel. Will you be looking at Island Wide issues or more so in your Parish of residence?

Absolutely, every parish. The entire island matters, not just my parish. I think we need to empower douzeniers who really know their parish but also work closely together to make sure each parishes' issues are heard and solved.

Are you concerned about the large amount of agricultural land that is being lost for private gardens?

Yes, of course. For multiple reasons. Firstly, large lawn-only gardens can be biodiversity wastelands. We need to educate the importance of biodiversity. Secondly, agricultural land is being diminished. I think it's important for the island to be as self-sufficient and sustainable as we can be.

You will make many commitments as a politician, but how will you actually ensure these are achieved? If you have been a deputy before, what will you do differently this term to improve achievements?

You're right. We commit to many things and we absolutely should carry out what we promise. I'm careful, as are other independents, to only commit to what I think I can achieve. It's actually all of our jobs. We need to vote in independents with similar mindsets, with a passion to bring in change and work together. Voting for a large group majority who don't see the value in one particular policy could leave it dead in the water. Independents who have the passion and drive. Independents that can negotiate, influence and persuade others to back policy by addressing the concerns, finding solutions and working together as the team that we should be!

What are your opinions on climate change and Guernsey's role in tackling it?

Climate change is very real, and going to be one of the biggest crises in our lifetime. We aren't taking enough action to make sure we are carbon neutral by the very latest 2050.

If the independent Cost Benefit Analysis supports lengthening the airport runway, would you vote in favour of investing in this key element of island infrastructure?

A Cost-Benefit Analysis doesn't include 'non-economic' aspects such as the effect on the environment, changing of technology and other unquantifiable or intangible aspects (which we do need to consider). That said, I think the runway extension is long overdue, and I would vote for it.

Do you believe that diversification of the island's tax base is an important consideration for Guernsey in today's volatile and fast-moving global economy? If so, how can this specifically be achieved for Guernsey?

Absolutely. Reduce barriers for entry, incentivise and encourage entrepreneurs, improve our communications network (internet, air, sea). Allow for a quicker and easier reclassification and change of use for buildings.

What are the candidates' views on maternity pay and leave and how would they improve the current arrangements, if at all?

I'm afraid, I don't know too much about the issues you're eluding to. I do believe that there is an issue with discrimination when it comes to hiring woman that have a high likelihood of wanting children. I would love to know more please contact me, so we can discuss.

I believe Guernsey needs a vision; a forward-thinking concept for the future of the island’s infrastructure, community wellbeing and economy. What’s yours?

Absolutely right. I think we do need a long-term goal to work towards. I think if we were to develop that longer vision we would need to involve all the stakeholders, so we're implementing something that we all want- not just me!

Do you agree that people should be encouraged to use cars less and if so what measures would you like to see introduced to achieve this?

Yes. I would support the On-island integrated transport strategy. We need to look at what makes people feel like they would rather drive or think they need to. Cars allow you to depart immediately, stop at multiple places for any amount of time, with multiple people inside it, all whilst carrying all the prams, bags, shopping etc. Perhaps we can think of solutions that deal with this. Electric-'zip car' style scheme maybe?

Do you support outsourcing of States services?

I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to. Outsourcing can lead to fewer costs, fewer inefficiencies and faster results. Not always though. Depending on where you're outsourcing to it can lead to a reduction in quality, control and local jobs. This has to be done on a case by case basis.

What will you do to educate the islanders about the reality of the climate crisis which is the biggest threat currently facing the world?

Lead by example.

Most environmental problems are caused by the love of growth. Would you consider de-growth?

Not in the way of going backwards, but if you mean supporting de-growth where more of a priority is given to the environmental and social impacts over allowing environmental destruction, human exploitation in the name of profits- I would like to think the whole world is heading this way, climate change is making us understand this.

What intra island transport strategy would you support to ensure safe and ‘clean’ travel on island for all road users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists? And how do you plan to deliver that plan financially?

Not in the way of going backwards, but if you mean supporting de-growth where more of a priority is given to the environmental and social impacts over allowing environmental destruction, human exploitation in the name of profits- I would like to think the whole world is heading this way, climate change is making us understand this.

What environmental policies would you support to reduce Guernsey’s reliance on the internal combustion engine, in support of International global warming initiatives?

I'd support the current "On-island integrated transport strategy". They have made a lot of progress since 2014. I might like to help innovation thrive in the strategy. The strategy is already funded via the duty on fuel. Our consumption of fuel reduces on average 1.3% per annum. This has led to an increase in duty between 2008 and 2018 of 130%. This will become more of an issue as more cars move to electric- we lose revenue from fuel duty. We will need to review how we cater to this trend.

What measures will you put in place during the next term to ensure that environmental biodiversity will be protected and enhanced?

I'm afraid I can't promise to bring a certain policy in; I don't know who else will be elected. I can promise 1) that I will consider the protection and biodiversity crisis that we are facing throughout the term and 2) that I will do my utmost to work with deputies and rally support for policies that tackle this crisis.

The Guernsey Press had an article and a picture of a proposed East Coast development called HYDROPORT. It seemed to me to be a brilliant plan and included a new deep water harbour, a hydro electric supply by enclosing Belgrave bay and changes to St Peter port harbour to accommodate cruise liners and super yachts. It would provide jobs, produce an ongoing and substantial revenue stream and make us to some extent self-reliant on electricity, why has there been no update on this project?

The marine side is an area I'm very passionate about. I don't know why talks stopped after the proposal was presented. I hope the new states will take a forward-thinking approach to long term capital investment. If elected- I will.

Do you agree that there is a climate crisis caused predominantly by the actions of humans?

Yes. Whatever or whoever the cause- we have to take the opportunities to deal with it urgently.

Longue Hougue has been proposed as a site for inert waste disposal despite it being a site of international importance in terms of wildlife. La Societe Guernesiase and other scientists have advised against this. What will you do to ensure that this valuable habitat is protected?

A very tough question. I understand both sides. The pressing issue is that we will be at capacity by Q4 2022- we need somewhere else. Stockpiling will (perhaps needlessly) increase the overall cost of any replacement. We do need to protect our nature and wildlife, (small scaly crickets need protecting too). I believe there are solutions, and it might well have been one that wasn't thought of previously. It may be that a new harbour/hydroport could present opportunities. There may be other solutions for mitigation. I would probably vote to use the runway site in the meantime (assuming it goes ahead) and look for other more sustainable solutions with less negative impact.

Most scientists and experts agree that a target of 2050 to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions is nowhere near ambitious enough and will have catastrophic consequences around the world. What will you do to ensure that Guernsey takes action to significantly reduce carbon emissions during the next term?

I will seek to champion environmental forward-thinking and progression throughout the term. It is an area I'm passionate about and believe I have a high level of understanding.

What is your view on current spending on Aurigny, is it worth how much we are paying? Is it run efficiently? Did we need new aircraft?

Aurigny is in dire need of revive/review. I believe COVID will have forced the issue of a larger review and the problems that we need to solve will come to light.

If elected, would you fully support the retention, repair and ongoing maintenance of the Sea Defences provided by the anti-tank wall at L’Ancresse Bay?

Yes. Ongoing maintenance of buildings, defences etc is a necessity. As an engineer, I understand the cost implications of 'breakdown' maintenance.

A significant proportion of the concerns about the two college model of secondary education related to the capital costs and space standards: they could have been addressed with higher spending. Would you be prepared to spend more money on the future model of secondary education than previously agreed by the States in September 2019? If so, how much more?

We shouldn't be shy to invest in the education of our children (and adults). The return on investment in education is huge. We should however be shy of wasting money needlessly.

With the general increase in costs of running the island and with various capital projects requiring funding; and with limitations on the amount that islanders can be taxed; do you think that it may be time to revisit the 0-10 tax scheme that created a big black hole in the island's finances?

There is a tax review next year. We will also need to wait for the opportunities or outcomes from Brexit. COVID has the potential for EU countries to put more pressure on the Zero-10 scheme.

If elected, what priority will you give to the introduction of the already-drafted consumer protection legislation?

Unfortunately, I'm unaware of the reasons for its delay. It is a very important piece of legislation and we're lagging behind already. I will go find out more and engage with Citizens advice when I know more.

Did you know that same-sex families aren't treated equally when it comes to registering the birth of a child? What will you do to change that?

Yes, I was aware. I will support the anti-discrimination laws and seek to understand the issues in delays. My understanding is that might be a resource issue in the drafting process.

Would you support a programme of privatisation of island utilities and other facilities such as Beau Sejour to help reduce record levels of borrowing resulting from the cost of Covid defences?

Yes. The states have underused or unused assets that can be sold off to generate funds for our recovery.

Increasing home working will likely result in surplus office space. Will you encourage an urgent revision of Planning Policies to facilitate conversion of retail and office space to residential & curb green-field development?

Absolutely yes. We need to adapt to our situation quickly and efficiently. Change of use of buildings should be much quicker. If we want to see innovation and transformation, we need to reduce the barriers stopping people. I happen to think that forcing a homeowner to keep energy-inefficient wooden windows needs to be looked at.

What is your attitude towards enhanced and mandatory registration, chipping and DNA recording of dogs and control of their fouling, island-wide?

I understand that GSPCA has called for microchipping for many years, and the UK already have it. I would support their call for it to be mandatory. I understand the states vet would like the DNA recording as well. I am unaware of the scale of need of this- so I'm afraid I can't tell you yes/no right now. I will go and research. I would suggest that in an effort not to penalise responsible owners, or lower-income earners it would be brought in for new puppies only. This allows prospective owners to choose whether or not to purchase or adopt a dog, knowing this costs upfront.

I have one question for sitting Deputies and one for new candidates. Deputies:- what, in your mind, was your greatest political achievement in the last four years? New candidates:- What is your biggest political goal in the next four years?

Ban single-use plastics.

How good are your mediation and conciliation skills? The key to the islands well-being and progress is in working together to achieve the projects approved - to see sustainable, innovative solutions. Leadership in pulling the team together to move forward, rather than in circles.

Great question, and easy for people to say yes. Deputies do need to have both these qualities- and a lot more. We need to vote in people who have respect for other deputies and other people. We should see each other as a team, working together. Yes, we will have differences in opinions, but someone with a high level of emotional intelligence can find the way through all the issues and really inspire those around to bring in positive change.

Would you support not giving Local Market licenses to those earning above a set level to support both LM and OM?

Whilst that may be a novel idea to tackle the difficulties faced by both sectors- I think there may be other solutions.

First time buyers are encouraged to buy new build developments taking up green space, while there are vast amounts of listed properties facing dereliction on the island - buildings ripe for restoration, renovation and to be lived in. Currently, people are put off as they are greeted with stringent and outdated views by The Planning and Heritage Department - it takes too much time and money so are immediately put off. What will you do to change the process for the better?

I agree with you 100%. I think we need to review. We can't even think to bring Guernsey buildings into an energy-efficient line with the current rules, plus as you mention the other benefits are plenty (less green space development, fewer eyesores, fewer people in energy poverty).

Would you support changes in the law to make cannabis for personal use legal?

If we consider and tackle for the vast potential consequences, yes. Femke Halsema mayor of Amsterdam made a briefing in February that they are looking at tackling a problem with 'young men being a major source of nuisance' and attracted by the legal status of cannabis. Just one example of consequences that we need to be wary of.

Question for New Candidates: During the COVID-19 lockdown States Meetings were held virtually. On 24th of June Meetings resumed in the Royal Court Chamber. As a prospective States Member have you spent any time at all in the public gallery observing our Parliament (potentially your future workplace) in action? If not, why not?

Yes I have, and I listen on-line.

In 1945, the generosity of people outside Guernsey enabled the delivery of Red Cross parcels to the island on the SS Vega. What is your view on the statement that ‘charity begins at home but should not end there’? How can we best show our care for people in need in other parts of the world?

We already donate up to £50,000 for an overseas charity (registered in the British Isles working abroad) for a single-use project through Overseas Aid & Development Commission. There is also funding for up to £150 for multiple year projects.

This is a question for new candidates; do you agree with the principle of scrutiny of government and if so how would you ensure that it was fairly carried out ?

Yes, of course, I do. Very interesting question though. I could see an issue with the scrutiny committee, it's fairness and ability to scrutinise if it were made up of members of a party that have an overwhelming majority. Perhaps it’s something we should investigate.

Considering the mounting public pressure against the way our current justice system deals with cannabis offences, what is your stance on the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in Guernsey?

We should legalise for medicinal purposes. If we consider and tackle the vast potential consequences, we can also legalise for recreational. Femke Halsema mayor of Amsterdam made a briefing in February that they are looking at tackling a problem with 'young men being a major source of nuisance' and attracted by the legal status of cannabis. Just one example of consequences that we need to be wary of.

In a review last year into drugs and treatments and States debate in January, HSC acknowledged that the disparity between life changing NICE TA drugs available in Guernsey compared to the NHS had become too great to be justified, with nearly 4000 patients now on sub-optimal treatments. The Guernsey Health Reserve was identified as the funding source. HSC announced last week a delay of at least a year to the implementation of this policy. How do you propose to tackle the pace at which change takes place within the States? Should you be held accountable for delivering on commitments you make individually, as a committee or collectively as the States?

We agreed to the NICE guidelines, and the delay is unacceptable. Yes, we should be accountable. The issue with the accountability is- someone can promise one thing, but due to reasons out of their control it does not happen. Should the individual be independently accountable? That said- we should all know our limitations and only make those promises that we can deliver. In principle yes, we are all accountable and we should be. I hope we do hold deputies accountable when voting.

What ideas do you have to ensure there is affordable housing including support for first time buyers and ensure affordable rental property is available for locals so they can continue to live here? What is your stance on mortgage tax relief and shared ownership initiatives?

I saw the article in the press today- something needs to be done, I'm afraid I don't have any other ideas as of yet. I thought the mortgage relief was a great way to help people afford houses. I like the idea of shared ownership but there are pitfalls: you can't have a lodger, there are often maintenance charges, you are restricted on what you do to the property, could have negative equity to name a few.

Earlier this year, the States passed the introduction of life-saving and life-changing NICE-Approved drugs & medicines by a massive 32-1 vote; these drugs are readily available under the NHS and SHS in the UK. HSC have now announced that the implementation of this is now to be delayed by a year or so. Out of all projects the States have on their list - this has to be THE single most important one because it will affect up to 4,000+ residents of our island. How do you intend to bring forward the delay of this incredibly important topic to a much quicker implementation date?

Again, an unacceptable delay, and should be a priority. Unfortunately, I don't know the reason for the delay, so I can't come up with a solution to expedite. I will research it.

What would you do to address traffic noise pollution from vehicles speeding and backfiring along St Georges Esplanade/Les Banques and towards town?

I would support the introduction of an MOT style system where noise limits can be set and dealt with. Noise pollution is very much an issue for our beautiful, peaceful island.

In January 2020 the States passed a policy to make all NICE TA drugs and treatments available to Islanders. Do you see this as a priority and if so how would you expedite implementation?

Again, an unacceptable delay, and should be a priority. Unfortunately, I don't know the reason for the delay, so I can't come up with a solution to expedite. I will research it.

The recent Frontier report on the runway extension summed up that "the economic benefits of extending the runway are likely to outweigh the costs" with net benefits over 40 years of up to £687m (over £20k per household). Post COVID, do you support continued investigation into the potential for a runway extension to improve Guernsey's infrastructure, air links, and sustain the visitor economy?

Yes- the break-even only required 8,000 more visitors.

Have you been made aware that every report that the SOG has commissioned for 20 years has flagged the need to extend the runway to circa 1700m+ and the commercial benefits it will bring for the island as a whole?

I would support the extension of the runway.

Brexit presents a unique opportunity for Guernsey to strengthen its ties with other Commonwealth countries and stand on its own two feet on an international scale. Would you be willing to make an effort to strengthen our diplomatic ties to countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada?

Absolutely. These are forward-thinking countries, and I think we can only benefit from strengthening our ties.

The current states assembly has approved proposals for a Discrimination Ordinance, but much work needs to be done. How committed are you to ensuring that LGBTQ+ people, people of colour, people with disabilities and people of faith are protected on this island?

I'm very committed. I wholeheartedly support anti-discrimination. You're also right that much work needs to be done. I will help where I can.

What criteria do you use for decision making?

I naturally use a 'Rational decision-making process'. I evaluate the purpose, evidence, cost, risk, return, the time needed, suitability, my subject knowledge, resource availability, understanding, consequences and affected parties.

It is beyond time to invest in our people, infrastructure and public services. Do you plan to make the island's tax system more fair and progressive, so that more businesses and the wealthy pay a fairer share?

I would support a fair tax regime that considers the lower income earners, their ability to pay any tax and the impact this has on daily life.

In light of covid-19 and the hit that the tourist industry has taken what plans (if any) would you try to put in place to make Guernsey more attractive to tourists after travel bans are lifted? And do you feel tourism should play a more crucial role in Guernsey? If not, why?

Yes, I believe tourism should play a bigger part in our diversification of the economy. I support the islands tourism strategy already. The main drive should be to facilitate the arrival of tourists from UK and EU.

Do you support a reduction in the cost of running the civil service? If so, how would you do that and over what timescale?

Yes. We need to make sure we are running the island efficiently. This is a priority. The sooner we can make efficiencies the more resources we have to spend where it is needed.

As we subsidise the airline, should Aurigny have a monopoly over all air routes to and from the Bailiwick, with a regulator to ensure fair pricing and a policy of not for profit?

There's a delicate balance to be had. We need to protect our life-line that is Aurigny. If we can give routes to other airlines that make Aurigny less of a burden to us- great (guernsey Alderney). What I don't think we should do is give routes that would essentially reduce Aurignys profit and increase the burden on the island.

What is your view regarding commercialisation with respect to States owned entities?

Could be a great idea for certain areas, decreasing costs for us and stimulating economic growth. The states have a lot of unused and underused real estate that I believe can be sold to fund the investment strategy.

Should the island be spending tax payers money on maintaining air and sea links?

Absolutely. They are economic enablers and bring in more money than we spend on them. These are our life-lines and we need to protect them. We also need to help them to be more competitive and cost less to the tax-payer.

What is your view on future funding for long term care as current funding will be insufficient by 2040?

I agree that it is something we need to tackle, but not with the 'bond on your house'. We need to review states' spending and their efficiency.

What is your opinion of introducing a goods and sales tax?

I have answered this in the Guernsey Daily in some detail. GST is regressive, hitting lower income earners the most. It leads to a lazy government, encourages the black (cash in hand) economy, takes a department to run and increased red-tape and reporting for new businesses.

Would you support the ‘listing’ of all remaining historic military structures, as Jersey has done, to ensure their ongoing protection, repair and maintenance?

Our heritage is important and helps tourism. It might be better to support/facilitate a charity to do this, or potentially a private company.

What initiatives would you put in place to grow our economy?

The hot question. I think that we need to reduce barriers to entry for new businesses and seek for less red-tape. We know, through a previous lack of investment, that we need rapid investment- all of these will be aimed at growing the economy.

Do you believe that the rates of income support are a) too low b) about right or c) too high? Explain your answer in some detail.

I believe that's a tricky question. In some cases too high and in some too low. Where it is too high (and this includes all aspects of support) I think it prevents people from seeking employment. Where it's too low that was an outcome of trying to prevent abuse of the system but failed to protect those that actually needed it.

How will you support and encourage young people coming to the island with regards to housing and licencing to ensure the island has more stable tax base as the population ages?

I think it's also about training our young people to fit the roles the island has to offer. I agree that we may need to adapt as we try to facilitate diversity and growth quickly. How- reducing red tape again!

How will your religious faith influence your voting decisions?

I am not of a particular denomination. I use morality and what I believe is right to make decisions. I understand that there are people of firm belief. We need to engage and understand their perspective.

Have you read the recommendations contained in the Frontier Economics Report in which they state that the long term benefits of extending the runway far outweigh the environmental and capital costs? If so, are you in favour of extending the runway?

Yes and yes- but cost benefit analysis don't cover the future impact of technology, the environment and the effect on Aurigny. We need to be mindful of all impacts- and seek opportunities where they present (inert waste perhaps).

What are your views on the cost of Primary Healthcare locally and what innovative ideas do you have that don’t simply involve ‘redirecting funding from a different states pot’ to create fair, equitable and affordable access to Primary Care for all islanders?

I think there will be a review on this- and once the problems are fully understood, then we can move to the solution finding. We need much better communication and engagement with those affected.

Do you support developing end of life care (including palliative care) or would you look to introduce a form of euthanasia as in assisted dying (assisted suicide)?

Yes. I don't think they're mutually exclusive. I am also for pro-choice. It's not an easy subject, but because people feel so strongly about it (one way or another), surely we should try and listen to their concerns and meet in the middle?

Education - Do you know what T levels are and if you do, would you be enthusiastically demanding that they are available here in Guernsey?

Yes and yes (although not "demanding" perhaps). We need to be more holistic in meeting our children's (and adult) educational needs- offering the widest array of educational tools to help continual employment and personal growth.

What will you do to help Guernsey businesses revive and thrive and make Guernsey a 'smarter' and technologically advanced place to do business, and to encourage new start up businesses?

I think urgency is needed in the technological side. Our communication is far below what it should be and thus couldn't compete at all with the likes of Jersey. We need to make sure our island is kept ahead of the curve with regards to technology. I think we need to start with enhancing internet infrastructure.

There is a lack of mental health support available - particularly to those who seem to fall into the apparent gap between the secondary and primary mental health services. What will you do to address this?

I think you're absolutely right and we need to find out how far-reaching it is before we tackle the solution. We know there is a problem- we need to fix the root cause.

How would you as a deputy ensure emotive proposals such as, change to abortion law or assisted dying law would be publicly debated? And allow Islanders to have more of a say in these emotive issues.

I think we need much better communication here! Perhaps online polling would help here. In any case we need to engage with all those affected much more widely. Citizen assemblies could help too, or an on-going hustings style engagement. I'm open to the solution. Know that I do believe it's an issue that needs addressing.

What is your position on the opportunity to debate the abortion issue more openly and fairly with more balanced representations to the Deputies?

I think we need much better communication here! Perhaps online polling would help here. In any case we need to engage with all those affected much more widely. Citizen assemblies could help too, or an on-going hustings style engagement. I'm open to the solution. Know that I do believe it's an issue that needs addressing.

How do you see the way forward for secondary education in the island? Do you favour a particular model and if so which one?

Three schools with separate sixth form. I think we need to be more holistic in our approach. We need the widest array of qualifications to suit the way people want to learn and parry up training with the needs of the island.

Recognising the importance of our natural environment and our hospitality industry how would you propose to move forward essential repairs and any development at St Peter Port harbour, securing access to our beaches (e.g. Petit Port, Divette, Soldiers bay), the maintenance of our cliff paths and the important access from the bathing places to the Clarence battery? Does this essential maintenance take priority over the development of the East Coast/Town seafront?

Maintenance is hugely important. Without timely maintenance you risk a much bigger and expensive failure. As an engineer I know this first hand. That said- if we are planning on upgrading or improving then I think it could be financially prudent to parry the two together where there could be cost savings from doing at the same time.

What are your views about the proposed way forward with regard to Probate, recognising that the age-old system has been efficient, pastoral, and inexpensive? Are you of the view "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?

As an engineer I believe in preventative maintenance. That said- I don't know enough about the issues here or the reason for proposed change. I will have to do more research before I can give you a meaningful answer/stance.

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