Sandra Anne James MBE

  • Parish Castel
  • Experience Past Deputy
  • Party The Guernsey Partnership of Independents
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Personal Statement

In 1977 I relocated to Guernsey to take up a Ward Sister position on the Acute Psychiatric Unit at the Castel Hospital. I have thoroughly enjoyed my professional career in Guernsey. I have contributed positively in developing and expanding mental health, inpatient, outpatient, day patient, community and addiction services. Proudly represented and promoted Guernsey on the national and international stage. Presented conference papers on health care during the occupation.

Previous Political History

  • Deputy Minister for Social Security
  • Member Health & Social Services Department
  • Member Public Accounts Committee
  • Chair of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Guernsey Branch
  • Chair the Governing Body Royal College
    of Nursing


I have always worked towards achieving good quality education service and second to none health and social care provision. This has been my life times work. However, none of this can be attained unless we have a thriving, vibrant and dynamic economy. The next States will need to need to give this its top priority.

I would also like to see greater moves towards making primary care more affordable to vulnerable groups.

We need to ensure we keep our young talent on island by providing a greater range of affordable accommodation.

The Coalition has pledged to invest in the Revive and Thrive plan to make our economy vibrant.

Manifestos are not necessarily the most effective judgement tool whereby the public can make an informed choice. Its unwise to make populist policy promises when Guernsey has a consensus government.

I have chosen therefore to supply you with a number of endorsements from professional colleagues and personal friends who have known me for many years as an alternative
to a conventional manifesto.

Professor Richard Conder - Former Deputy and Non-States Member:

“I am delighted to nominate Sandra James MBE for election as a States Deputy in 2020. I had the privilege of working with Sandra in Guernsey’s 2012 – 2016 States. She was one of the hardest working and most diligent deputies in that government. Passionate, caring and committed to the welfare of our Island Community she was able to bring her unique knowledge and professional background to confront the issues we faced at that time. Her nursing and medical background will be even more important as the next government faces the challenges of the ongoing Covid pandemic. Sandra brought great tenacity to her role and was never afraid to challenge any part of government I have no doubt she would bring the same qualities to the next government – simply put she will be an outstanding deputy and representative of the people of Guernsey.”

John Hollis -Treasury & Resources Non-States Member:

“Sandra brings an outstanding range of operational, political and management experience to the role of deputy. During 2012-2016 political term, she was a member of the committee of Health & Social care which set about defining the future of health and social care and this evolved into the Partnership of Purpose initiatives of the 22016-2020 term under Deputy Heidi Soulsby. Sandra’s successful career in Nursing, which culminated in her senior RCN Council role and the honour of her national award, illustrates both her public service work ethic and her ability to make a key difference in large organisations. Always a ‘peoples’ person, Sandra does not use excessive words but is never reticent when action is necessary.”

Barbara Minta – Former Head Teacher:

“I have been an acquaintance of Mrs James for several years but in the last several months we have become good friend. For some time, she has been helping at Beau Sejour with GADOC productions and the Eisteddfod in the capacity of a steward, looking after the public as they enter the theatre. She is always very welcoming and a big smile for all! She is extremely efficient, replying by return to emails etc and I regard her a s a good team member. I wish Mrs James every success in the forthcoming election.”

Linda Howell – Former Head of Nurse Education:

“Having known Sandra for almost 40 years, both in our capacities as Senior Nurses and since retirement, as a friend; I remain proud of her achievements over the years. As a professional she was committed, hardworking, knowledgeable, supportive, totally credible – qualities recognised nationally when elected as Chair of the UK Royal College of Nursing and later awarded the MBE. She has been a fighter for adequate recognition of the skills and dedication of health and social care workers. At this critical time, her expertise and previous experience as a Deputy is just what is needed.”

If elected I do promise to take my responsibilities seriously, behave with professionalism, honesty and integrity and to perform my duties with Dedication. Determination and Decisiveness.

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