Steve Falla

Steve Falla
  • Parish St Andrew
  • Experience New Candidate
  • Party The Guernsey Partnership of Independents
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Personal Statement

Having sold my business, Orchard PR, I am now free to devote my time and energy to serving the island as a States deputy without conflict or distraction. I am a confident person with the interest, energy and enthusiasm needed to be a conscientious deputy. I am coming to Guernsey politics with a fresh perspective and I believe this is the time for boldness in the States.

  • I founded and ran my own business for 21 years
  • 40 years interested in local politics while working in journalism and comms
  • A good listener with a career of researching, analysing and evaluating
  • I can challenge, sense-check and highlight the consequences of a course of action
  • A team player, I will do all I can to work collaboratively and constructively in the Assembly


Let’s stimulate Business. Following the Coronavirus, we must do all we can to stimulate and support all sectors of our island’s economy to help fund much-needed services.

Focus on Connectivity. Lock down showed how reliant the island is on digital connectivity. We need to invest in making this as resilient as we can. We also need to bring the transport strategy to a head and decide how we can fully work our Aurigny asset.

Let’s get Education done. The yo-yoing debate over Guernsey’s secondary schools must be concluded urgently so that our young people can fulfil their potential and for the sake of their teachers and parents.

Emphasis on the Environment. We must preserve what is good about our wonderful island, further enhance the environment and counteract climate change.

I am an independent candidate and I have aligned myself with the Guernsey Partnership because I admire its values and objectives. I will not follow a whip.

A thriving economy is vital

I want to champion measures that will support the revival of the island’s economy. It needs to be buoyant to help fund an inclusive community that provides everyone living in Guernsey with what they need, from health, care and wellbeing to financial support.

For a strong, dynamic, sustainable and diverse business economy to thrive we need a first-class education system, economic diversification, world class telecoms and the best digital and transport connectivity. We must remain competitive and high profile in the international business arena – our principal industry.

Also, it is shocking that one in five of our fellow islanders lives in relative poverty, including those in in-work poverty which hits many hard working families. Any increases in tax and other contributions will make life even harder for middle-income households.

I am committed to creating a community that gives all islanders fair access to what they need. We have a tremendously strong third sector, often filling the gaps, but it needs ongoing States partnership which will be both cost-effective for the taxpayer and an effective mix of “being with” and “doing for” those in need.

I want to maximise and protect the potential of Guernsey’s unique environment for its current residents and generations to come.

Time for action

It is the time for action. The States needs to move forward cohesively in a more responsible, respectful, transparent and accountable way, putting unhelpful factions behind us so that we can make the Revive and Thrive vision a reality.

I believe passionately in two-way communication – the States should communicate loud and clear with islanders and listen at least as much as it speaks – this might mean more referenda on major issues.

Working together

I share the desire of the Guernsey Partnership to Move Forward Together – to work collaboratively, collectively and conscientiously. To make the progress urgently needed we must stop revisiting issues time and again. I am an independent candidate and will be guided by evidence, expertise, experience and my conscience rather than a party line.

The coronavirus produced excellent leadership and strong communication from our government. Let’s have more of this!

For the States to become decisive and effective we need the right people in the Assembly.

I should like to be one of the 38 deputies entrusted with this extremely important task at a critical time in Guernsey’s history. Please give me your vote.

My CV:

Grammar School for Boys.

1980 to 1988 – Journalist at The Guernsey Press and Oxford & County Newspapers.
1989 to 1996 – Public Relations practitioner at White Knight PR (part of the Wallace Barnaby Group).
1996 to 2017 – Founder and Managing Director of Orchard PR.
2017 to Present – Freelance writer and consultant.
Director of Elizabeth College, IOD Committee Member.
Former President, Young Business Group, and Council Member, Guernsey Chamber of Commerce.
Fellow, Chartered Practitioner and former national board member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
Former member of fledgling Guernsey Language Commission.
Interests: Running, performing music, acting and writing. Christian and a member of St Peter’s Church.
Married to Lois with two adult sons.

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