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I believe the people of Guernsey deserve an open and transparent government, to serve the needs of future generations, and as a mark of respect for those who fought and died for the peace, lifestyle and freedom, we enjoy today. If elected, as a Deputy, I will be honoured to promote Guernsey and serve the people of this beautiful Island.

  • Anyone able and willing to work should be actively encouraged to do so
  • No one should be shut out of workforce based on age, disability, gender or sexual orientation
  • Guernsey’s economy has to diversify and grow to support our aging population
  • Our infrastructure needs upgrading to facilitate growth and reduce future maintenance costs
  • Equality of access to services for all Islanders


I am standing as a Deputy because I do not want anyone else to experience the issues and needlessly barriers I have faced since returning home to Guernsey. I want to use my skills to obtain equality of opportunity, and access to services for all islanders; and especially those with disabilities.

I believe passionately that anyone who is able to work, should be encouraged to do so, and be given any assistance necessary to achieve that aim. No one should be shut out of the workforce, or any other part of society; by virtue of their race, religion, sexuality, age or disability. They should also be assisted, not be restricted, from accessing the support and assistance they are entitled to, as I have experienced since returning to Guernsey.

I also want to see the bureaucratic roadblocks removed which prevent people from receiving the health and social services support to which they are entitled. Some of which I have personally experienced.

Although I was not born in Guernsey, it is my adoptive home. I first came to live in Guernsey in 1980, when my parents owned the Burleigh Hotel in Brock Road. I met my future wife Ruth in 1981 when she was Secretary, to the Island Committee for the International Year of Disabled Persons and we married in December the following year.

In 1984 we left for Berkley California, after I was offered a research contract at the World Institute on Disability. We stayed there for 34 years during which time we founded the John White Institute, in Los Angeles County, a Foster Family Agency caring for 200 children, employing 75 foster families and 48 Social Workers. We also founded Gracious Living of Santa Barbara, a company providing care for sufferers of Dementia and were involved in a number of other businesses.

I was also an advisor to parents of disabled children on some of the Indian reservations in California and Nevada, managed by The Inter-Tribal Council based in Sacramento and was a senior social worker, on an Emergency Response Unit, serving children and adults in Riverside, California.

Unfortunately, towards the end of our time in California my wife Ruth was diagnosed with Dementia and wanted to return to her home in Guernsey to see out her final years, which we did in 2018.

All of these things have given me a unique perspective and a broad range of skills I can bring to the States of Guernsey.

If Guernsey is to prosper it is vital to grow and diversify the economy. To do so effectively the States must modernise some parts of our infrastructure. However, capital works must not include ‘vanity projects’ e.g. the proposed Seafront Enhancement.

States Deputies must listen, and act swiftly on the abundance of information, data, and local knowledge available to them from within the local community.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected a States Deputy, I shall use my skill to encourage development of our economy and as part of such expansion, seek equality of opportunity, and access to services for all islanders.

Steven Wall

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