Tina Bury

Tina Bury
  • Parish St Peter Port
  • Experience New Candidate
  • Party The Guernsey Partnership of Independents
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Personal Statement

I’m Tina Bury, I’m 36, a single mum, hard-working professional and an energetic community volunteer. I’m passionate about equality, inclusivity and seeing Guernsey led by a representative government. This is an application to work for you, the voter, so I will focus on the skills and traits I possess to do the job well. You’ve got a lot of manifestos to read, so let’s jump right in

Volunteering in the community

  • Guernsey Voluntary Service – Meals on Wheels
  • Liberate – Pride organising committee
  • Women in Public Life – committee member
  • Women’s Refuge – night shift volunteer 2012-2019
  • Holy Trinity Church Christmas Lunch 2019


My passion

I feel that there are too few Deputies who represent us – hard-working families who just about get by but worry about the impact a burst pipe, a trip to A&E or an unplanned bill can have on our quality of life. I value integrity, honesty and strong, open leadership and I want to be the representative for those who, like me, have had their trust in Government worn away by recent in-fighting, bullying and political U-turns.

In the past I’ve felt under-represented, frustrated by and disengaged from politics; by standing for election I aim to give people like me a voice and a champion.


I’m the sort of person who stands up for what I believe in and I encourage and support others to do the same where they can. I recognise not everyone shares my confidence or has the same opportunities I do, so I proudly speak up for those who struggle to do so.

Despite a busy home and work life, it’s important to me to contribute to the well-being of our community through voluntary work, some of which is listed above. Volunteering broadens my view of life and inspires me to do more to help others.

My character

My friends and family know me as hard-working, energetic, driven and an ‘asker of questions’. I proudly describe myself as a challenger, someone unafraid to have difficult conversations, but only if it will lead to a better outcome. I don’t like questioning for questioning’s sake. I’m curious, keen to learn new things and love an opportunity to test my mettle.

I challenge myself regularly by running in slightly obscure long-distance events. I have raced 22 miles cross-country against horses. I have completed a 100km ultra-marathon in 21 hours with very little sleep. These challenges require grit, resilience and discipline; traits I believe are well-suited to the role of Deputy.

The skills I use every day in my role as an event manager at Specsavers are also integral to the position of Deputy. To take an event for 2,000 people from an idea to a live experience needs excellent communication skills, the ability to keep everyone on board and stay cool under pressure, plus meticulous attention to detail. Savvy budget-management and a sense of humour are also vital.

What you get if you vote for me

This is your first opportunity to select your ideal team from across the Island, from all backgrounds and experiences. I believe it’s crucial that you vote for those that represent and understand you; we need to ensure all members of the community are heard and supported in our States.

I can’t promise you that I alone can bring about change. However, I can promise that I will use my communication skills to build constructive working relationships with my colleagues. I will not tolerate bullying or in-fighting and will act with honesty and integrity. Constructive relationships lead to healthy discussions and good decision-making.

I will not support flip-flopping; Guernsey needs to move forward together, not keep looking over its shoulder. States members are there to make the tough decisions and they must be brave enough to make and stick to them.

If elected, I will work to implement our long-overdue equality laws; protect and support the most disadvantaged members of our community; deliver our chosen secondary education model swiftly, with the welfare and education of our children as the top priorities; and provide affordable healthcare for all.

I will fully inform myself using evidence and expert opinions, by listening to my colleagues in the States and, most importantly, to you, the voters, before making a decision. I am open-minded enough to alter my point of view if it’s for the good of the whole community. This is not about me, it’s about us.

The final word

I believe that our Island is best served if we care for everyone with equal amounts of compassion and humanity and support them equitably. I want to be part of a government that my young daughter and her peers can feel proud of; I want them to clearly see that the States is improving opportunities and quality of life for everyone, particularly as we recover from the pandemic. Until everyone is included, I don’t believe Guernsey can say it’s truly at its best.

I will make myself as available as I can during campaigning, I really want to meet as many people as possible and find out what matters to you. Please contact me for a chat if there’s a specific issue you’d like to talk about.

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