Yvonne Burford

Yvonne Burford
  • Parish St Saviour
  • Experience Past Deputy
  • Party The Guernsey Partnership of Independents
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Personal Statement

I am Guernsey born and I’ve lived here most of my life. I’m married with a teenage son. I worked in local finance for a decade, followed by 25 years as an airline pilot, including as a 737 Captain for BA. In 2012 I was honoured to be elected as a Deputy for the West. I have a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction, and I recently completed the IoD Certificate in Company Direction. My voluntary work has included flying as a pilot for Airsearch and serving as President of La Société Guernesiaise. I’m currently a volunteer director for Safer and the Women’s Refuge.

  • A former airline pilot with a finance industry background
  • Experienced in government, leadership and the charitable sector
  • Passionate about fairness and the wellbeing of all islanders
  • Determined to protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Pragmatic, practical, analytical, and ready to get to work for Guernsey


My views

Before writing this manifesto, I asked myself “What kind of community do we want to be?” For me, the answer is one that is prosperous and ensures that everyone can participate in that prosperity. It’s a place where we protect and enhance our natural environment, and it’s a place where our children feel they have a future. It’s also a place where we have efficient and effective public services and healthcare, a quality education system and a fully employed workforce. It’s a community which isn’t polarised, like so many around the world, but one that respects the expressing of different views and perspectives but still pulls together.

There are many challenges ahead; both in an island context and also from global events over which we have less direct control, such as Brexit, Covid and climate change.

Our best defence against these events is to have a government with the skills, knowledge and competency to rise up and meet those challenges head on. I believe I have the qualities to be a part of such a government. I offer you experience that is wide-ranging, delivered with energy and positivity.

It is also critical that we never lose sight of the impact government policy has on people’s daily lives.

Here is a very brief summary of my views:

  • I don’t believe that taxes should be raised significantly overall. I voted against GST in 2013 because it impacts those on the lowest incomes the most. It’s clear that we need a fairer and more sustainable tax system. We’re a wealthy island but some people in our community struggle to get by and we cannot ignore that if we really believe in Guernsey Together.
  • We need to look after the finance industry and nurture other industries to support our economy. Efficiency and the right person in the right public-sector job is key to containing costs without cutting services. Key workers should be properly rewarded.
  • Population numbers should be kept broadly stable whilst allowing entry for essential workers. We need to use the talents and skills we already have on island.
  • As a Guernseywoman, with parents who lived through the war, I have an instinctive dislike of debt, waste and extravagance. That said, I support necessary capital borrowing to invest in assets such as the harbour and in income-generating projects that will also provide jobs and attract tourists.
  • We need to positively look after our natural environment, thinking globally and acting locally. There are many opportunities for meaningful change at little cost, particularly for biodiversity and nature. We need to be more proactive in saving energy as we switch from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy in order to meet climate change targets and to cut pollution and cost.
  • I favour three schools but I would wait for the review to make a fully informed choice on the best configuration. It must have broad parental and professional support and the best educational and pastoral interests of our young people at heart. I support the Guernsey Institute, lifelong learning, and retaining all our primary schools.
  • Quite simply, everyone should be treated fairly and have the same rights. Progress needs to be maintained on measures that help make the lives of people with a disability easier.
  • We must endeavour to preserve green spaces and we need to take another look at the issues around development in the north of our island, and planning generally. Full transparency and public participation is vital in decisions around developments of significant public interest.
  • We need to be serious about preventing avoidable ill health so as to enhance quality of life and contain costs.
  • I support the vision of the Youth Commission that the Bailiwick should be a place where all children and young people are able to reach their potential.
  • The parishes remain an important feature of island life. Island Wide Voting must not mean the end of deputies’ links with their parish Douzaines.

Please do take a look at my full manifesto and the record from my last term which are both on my website. I hope you will conclude that you wish to give me one of your votes when you complete your ballot paper. Thank you.

What others say...

"The States needs more of Yvonne's type: intelligent, committed, thoughtful, articulate and considered."

Gavin St Pier

" I am completely confident that Yvonne has the ability, skills and pragmatism needed for the role of deputy at this very challenging time for the island. She has a genuine desire to help others."

Fiona Naftel, Chair of Safer


Sir de Vic Carey


Mrs Annette Henry

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