Frequently Asked Questions

Our 2020 General Election will be significantly different from previous years. The Island will be one electoral district and electors will vote on an Island-wide basis. This means there will be a greater choice of candidates, but also some changes in how voting takes place. These are the most commonly asked questions regarding the next election:

Postponement of Election

Understand why the June 2020 General Election has been postponed until October 2020. 

When is the election now taking place?

The election will now take place in October 2020. Polling days will be Saturday 3, Sunday 4, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 October 2020.

Why was the 2020 election postponed?

The spread of COVID-19 around the globe caused the States to consider whether the General Election should continue as planned in June 2020. On 15 April 2020, the States of Deliberation agreed to postpone the election until June 2021. As lockdown restrictions were lifted at a much faster rate than anticipated the States’ Assembly & Constitution Committee was asked to look again at possible dates for the next General Election in autumn 2020. On 1 July 2020, the States of Deliberation agreed to appoint Wednesday 7 October 2020 as the date for the General Election.

I registered to vote in the June 2020 General Election – do I have to re-register?

If you have already registered for the Electoral Roll and remain in the same property, then you do not need to do anything and you will be able to vote in October 2020. If you haven’t yet registered for the Electoral Roll you will not be eligible to vote in the October election as the roll has now closed.

I have moved house since I registered, what should I do?

You can use the My Details page on to inform all States departments of a change of address.

I will be turning 16 before 7 October 2020 can I now register to vote?

Absolutely. Anyone who turns 16 years of age by 7 October 2020 will be able to vote if they are registered on the Electoral Roll. The Electoral Roll has now closed.

My household has changed since I registered, should I let you know?

Yes, please tell us if there is any change in your household, for example if someone has moved out or left the Island. The best way is by emailing us You do not need to inform us of a death.

Can I change my postal vote choices?

Yes, you can change your postal vote choice (either from or to postal voting) by letting us know in writing before the application for postal votes closes. This can either be by email to or by letter care of Sir Charles Frossard house using the address below.

Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is the list of voters who are eligible to vote in the election.

Why do I have to be on the Electoral Roll to vote?

The Electoral Roll lists the names and addresses of people eligible to vote in an election. It is important that this list is up-to-date and accurate to allow people to vote in the General Election. It assists voter administration in polling stations and helps combat electoral fraud by enabling officials to verify that a person is entitled to vote and to ensure a person does not vote on more than one occasion.

Who will have access to my information on the Electoral Roll?

The Electoral Roll is available to be viewed in hard copy by the public for a period before the General Election, and copies of the roll are available to candidates standing for election who might use it to get in touch with you. Candidates who have the roll in any form must comply with all the requirements of The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017.

How can I check if I’m on the Electoral Roll?

Those who apply online are sent an auto-reply email from confirming registration and postal vote options. There is no immediate confirmation for paper registrations but there are other ways to check if you are on the roll. We will send out registration cards, which will allow you to check the details you submitted when you registered. If you think you are registered but have not received a registration card, or you just want to check your entry, please contact the Election 2020 Office by emailing or calling 01481 747579.

I've moved house since registering, what should I do?

You can tell all States departments of your new address through the My Details page on Or if you just want to contact us you can phone 01481 747579 or email

I returned my household registration form a while ago, will you confirm receipt of my form?

No, we will not contact you to say we have received your form, but we will send you a registration card in due course. This will allow you to check the details you have sent us and contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or by emailing if there are any mistakes.

I want to vote but don't want my address to be on the Electoral Roll?

Under certain circumstances, where a person or a member of their family or property would be at risk of harm or damage if their address becomes public, such as victims of domestic abuse, it may be suitable to omit their details from the published Electoral Roll. Please contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or email to discuss anonymous registration.

I’m already registered on the Electoral Roll so why do I have to re-register?

It’s best practice to have a new Electoral Roll for each election. Without this, the roll soon becomes out of date as people’s circumstances change and this can lead to problems and delays on election day if Polling Station Officials need to undertake checks with the Registrar-General of Electors. Therefore, the previous roll open before 2 December 2019 is no longer valid and we must ask that everyone re-registers. Anyone who has registered since 2 December 2019 is on the current Electoral Roll and does not need to re-register. If you are unsure, contact the Election 2020 Office by emailing  or by phoning 01481 747579.

Candidates & Manifestos

For information on standing in the election, please visit "Become a Deputy".

When will I find out about the candidates?

Nominations will open on 1 September 2020. We will publish the candidates' details as soon as we can after the nominations close on 4 September 2020. You will be able to see all the manifestos on this website.

How can I learn about the candidates?

Candidates will be able to share information with you through this website. There will be a page for candidate manifestos with links to their own websites and a short video if they choose. In addition we will compile a joint manifesto in which each candidate will be able to include two A4 sides of their manifesto. This will be delivered to every home on the Electoral Roll. Further copies, if needed, will be available to collect from a central location.

Will there be a hustings?

In previous years hustings have been arranged by each district. Now that the Island is one electoral district the old style hustings are unworkable. Instead we are organizing a ‘meet the candidates’ event at Beau Sejour on the 20 September.


Our 2020 General Election will be significantly different from previous years. The Island will be one electoral district and electors will vote on an Island-wide basis.

What is Island-wide voting?

There is one Island-wide electoral district to elect all 38 Deputies. Each voter can cast up to 38 votes at the General Election from the full list of candidates. This electoral system was introduced as a result of the 2018 Referendum on Guernsey’s voting system.

Where will the polling stations be?

If you are registered on the Electoral Roll you can vote in person at either your parish polling station or at a super-polling station. A full list of the polling stations can be found under ‘Voting > Where to Vote’. Please note completed postal votes may also be dropped off at any polling station if the return postal deadline has been missed. A postal vote can only be submitted and accepted at a polling station if it is completed and sealed in accordance with the instructions contained within the pack.

What time will the polling stations open?

All polling stations will be open from 8am to 8pm.

What will the ballot paper look like?

Given the Island has moved from a multi to a single-district electoral system, the ballot paper will be much larger than ballot papers in previous elections. It is intended that you will have to fill in a small oval shape to indicate your preferences rather than a traditional ‘X,’ as the ballot papers will be read by electronic counting machines. More information on this will be released in due course.

What if I am away for the duration of the election?

If you are ordinarily resident in Guernsey but will be away for the duration of the election then you can apply for a postal vote. Postal vote applications closed on 25th September.

What if I vote for 39 candidates by mistake?

You can vote for up to 38 candidates. If you vote for 39 or more candidates your vote will not count and will be classed as a spoilt paper.

I have a relative who finds it difficult to walk, can I drive them to the polling station and then help them fill in a ballot paper in the car?

Ballot papers must not be removed from the polling station. Opting for a postal vote may be the best option under these circumstances.

Postal Voting

All registered voters will be able to vote by post in this election if they have opted for a postal vote. Postal vote applications are now closed.

What if I have lost my postal vote?

If you have lost your postal ballot or it has been damaged and can no longer be used please contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or email

Can I cancel a postal vote?

If you have requested a postal vote and it has not yet been issued you can apply to have your postal vote cancelled at the discretion of the Registrar-General. Please contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or for help.

I can't remember if I have selected a postal vote, can I check?

Contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or and a member of the team will help you.

I have already registered, but how do I ensure that I have opted for postal voting?

Postal vote applications are now closed.

How do I postal vote if I am self-isolating?

Public Health ask that those self-isolating use good hand hygiene when handling their postal ballots. You cannot leave your self-isolation but you can ask a friend or family member to collect the ballot for you, provided they do not come into contact with you. Alternatively you can contact the Election Office on 01481 747579 who can provide assistance.


Information on your privacy, complaints procedures and accessibility.

How do I make a complaint about something?

If you have a complaint about anything to do with the General Election then please contact the Election 2020 Office on 01481 747579 or email

How will you protect my personal information?

We will comply with all applicable data protection laws. Electoral Rolls given to candidates for use during the election must be returned to the Election 2020 Office after use. To see our Fair Processing Notice click here.

What steps are being taken to make sure this election is accessible to all?

Accessibility has been considered throughout the election organisation process. Working with Third Sector partners and the States Disability Officer, we aim to ensure that information on this website and in documentation is presented in an accessible way.

Documents and forms in large print format are available on request. We aim to have easy access to all polling stations and to offer an adapted polling booth with a lower level writing surface.

Any voter can ask for help filling in their ballot paper and our polling station staff will be ready to assist. In addition our outreach team plans to offer pre-polling assistance to any group which requests it.

COVID-19 and the Election

We are currently in Phase 5b of our exit from lockdown strategy. This means that normal activity in the Bailiwick has returned. We can meet in groups at events and there are no distancing measures required but we should still respect each other’s personal space, practice good respiratory etiquette, good hand hygiene and stay at home if showing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Canvasing etiquette

Guidance from Public Heath is that hustings can proceed and candidates can canvas door to door, as long as they follow good hand and respiratory hygiene and respect personal space e.g. stand back from the door after knocking. To review the full presentation given by Dr Nicola Brink to the Candidates at the Candidate Briefing click here.

Contact Us

You can contact the team by phone on 01481 747579 and by email at

What is The Election Office mailing address?

The Election 2020 Office,
Sir Charles Frossard House,
La Charroterie,
St Peter Port,