Postal Voting

What's changed?

Postal voting is a way to take part in the election without having to be present on polling day. In the past, postal voting was only available to registered voters off-island at the time of election. However, it is now being used to make voting easier, more accessible and more convenient for all registered voters.

At the 2018 referendum approximately 3,000 voters opted for a postal vote and we anticipate the uptake being even higher in 2020. Opting for a postal vote means you do not have to factor in a trip to a polling station and worry about parking, queues or timing. Postal votes are also great for those who may struggle to get to a polling station or who might need help filling in the ballot paper. A postal vote gives you more freedom and less hassle. Postal vote application forms need to be returned to the Election 2020 Office by 5 June 2020.

How can I request a postal vote?

If you register for the Electoral Roll online, you can opt for a postal vote at the same time. However, if you are registering using the household registration form, you will need to request a postal vote at a later date. You can do this online here or by contacting the Election 2020 Office.

When will I receive my postal vote?

Your postal ballot pack will be posted to you a short time after nominations close and the candidates’ names have been added to the ballot paper. You will also receive a form to verify your identification which must be sent back with your ballot paper. You can post your ballot paper back to us, or if you have missed the postal deadline your ballot paper can be taken to any polling station and put in the ballot box there.