Political Parties

Political Parties and Associations

A "political party" is:

a free association of persons, one of the aims of which is to participate in the management of public affairs, including through the presentation of candidates to free and democratic elections.

Any political party which wishes to support or endorse a candidate in the Guernsey General Election must be registered at the Greffe first.

How to Register a Party

An application form and guidance notes on how to make an application are available here:

There will be an administrative fee for making an application.

Every party must have a leader, a treasurer and a secretary, although a member may hold more than one of these posts at a time. Applications to the Greffe must be signed by two members of the party who are on the Electoral Roll. The application must contain the following information to be processed by the Greffe:

  • The name of the political party or association and any abbreviation of such
  • Its emblem (if it has one)
  • The full names of its officers
  • Its constitution including the purpose and structure of the party, its aims and objectives (one of which must be the support or endorsement of candidates for the office of People’s Deputy) and its membership rules
  • Its most recent financial accounts
  • Its postal address in Guernsey

The Greffier considers applications for registration as a political party. The Greffier must grant an application for registration as a political party if he is satisfied that the application complies with the requirements set out in the Law. If granted, the party will be entered into the ‘Register of Political Parties’.

The Greffier will not grant an application for registration as a political party if in his opinion the name, any abbreviation of the name, or emblem of the political party is:

  1. offensive or otherwise inappropriate, or
  2. the same as, or of such similarity to, the name, abbreviation or emblem of any other organisation that it might reasonably be confused with it

The Register of Political parties will be maintained by the Greffier and will be available to view at the Greffe during normal working hours.

After Registering

After a party has registered, it must:

  • notify the Greffier if there is any change to its constitution, its officers or its postal address
  • file at the Greffe its financial accounts for the previous calendar year (every February)

A political party can apply to the Greffier to be removed from the Register. Such an application needs to be signed by the leader and one other office-holder of the party and be accompanied by evidence that the decision to apply for removal from the Register was made in accordance with the party's agreement.

The Greffier can also remove a political party from the Register without an application being made in certain limited circumstances. For more information go to