Postal Voting

Applications for Postal Voting is now closed

At the 2018 referendum approximately 3,000 voters opted for a postal vote. We have received over 20,000 requests for postal votes for this General Election.

Using a postal vote, you can take as much as time as you want to fill in the ballot paper from the comfort of your home, and you can safely return your vote in the post. It removes the need to visit a polling station to cast your vote.

When will I receive my postal vote pack and how do I use it?

Your postal vote pack will be posted to you a short time after nominations close in September 2020. The postal vote pack will contain instructions on how to complete and return your postal vote to us.

An easy read guide with instructions on how to use the postal vote pack is available here.

What if I miss the return postal deadline?

Please note it is your responsibility to check postal collection times to ensure your pack will arrive before the deadline.

If you miss the postal deadline your completed postal vote pack can be put in the Sir Charles Frossard House post box before 8pm on 7 October OR taken to any polling station and given to a Polling Station Official before 8pm on 7 October. A postal vote can only be accepted at a polling station if it is accompanied by the ID verification form and return envelope issued in the postal ballot pack. It must be handed to the polling station staff exactly as it would have been put in the post. A postal vote without the accompanying form and envelopes can not be accepted by polling station staff and the votes will not be counted.